Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where has the time gone?

First of all, I feel like I was jsut answering questions on buying bikes and what the heck a triathlon is.
And this morning I watched the Baby Pinks cross the line of victory - so proud of them!

One week has gone by without the use of crutches and I am feeling great! No more steri-strips now either! I think the scar is lookign quite nice (although some may get a weak stomach when seeing it).

Running - I have started pool running - although I Admit I havebeen a bit laz my first week back. I was able to run for 30 seconds (talk about endurance!) ont he treadmill at PT the other day. And I can now do the elliptical for 10 minutes.
Biking - I can ride the recumbant bike. I did the spin class once and learned I need to work my way into spin class. I didn't know if I could pick my foot up afterwards.
Swimming - I have gotten back to swim class! Kicking drills aren't much fun, but at least I can be in the water and swimming again. and without the use of a pull buoy either!
Weights - I went back to weights class the other day. I was scared to do a lot of things, so I didn't do too much, but this week I will try to do some more.

High five to the greek festival!

(and thank you again Little Tri D - that may have been the bext slice of pizza EVER!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Weeks Post-Op

Wednesday. Hump Day. Still have 2.5 days until the weekend. What a drag.
Well, not today!
This morning I had my 3 week post-op appt with my surgeon/sports med doctor. And I walked out smiling. A smile so big you would think someone hit me on the back so hard that my face stuck!
1. First and foremost, the wound is closed. No more bandages! The steri-strips will start to fall off in the next few days.
2. No more crutches! That’s right – no more metal apparatus to knock into everything. I can hobble around on my own two feet!
3. Next week…I can get back in the pool. Good thing I just ordered some new goggles; swim class here I come!
4. Since I can get back in the pool….I can aqua jog! Although this is not exactly an exhilarating form of exercise, it’s a big step in recovery. I have some new aqua jog resistance shoes and wrist weights to make it a little more fun. And thank goodness my brother got me a SwimP3 a few years ago to keep myself entertained. (SQ you know this sounds fun) I can work my way up to the elliptical – or as I call it, ellipticalizing! If I trained for the San Francisco marathon all on the elliptical, surely I can start my Ironman marathon training that way, too!
5. Not only can I get in the water, but I can get back on the bike!!! Not just the recumbent bike, but my very own bike! Granted it needs to be on a trainer or in spin class, but at least I am spinning away!
6. Weight room, do you remember me? Well you better because I am on my way.
7. Last but not least – driving. The concern with driving is a safety issue. I don’t have much dorsal flexion still. He said I can push the brake with my left foot, but should probably practice this in a parking lot first. Who wants to come?
I have been playing by the rules and my results show it! Although I still have “the cankle” it will go down more as I begin to more active, same with the numbness in my foot.
In five weeks (so 8 weeks post-op) I will go back to (hopefully) get the okay to start pounding the pavement in my running shoes.

I hope you are having a great day, too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PT #3

Last night was rough. My ankle and toe were killing me softly. I tried to ise my leg, but it was so heavy. I got the anxious feeling again and had to take half a perc to get to sleep. I was jsut so uncomfortable.

Today we had a breakthrough.
Well first of all my toe hurt becuase of my walking on my foot properly.
My ankle hurt becuase of the ankle exercises, which are a bit progressive, and I did not ice right after PT.
However....I am down to one crutch!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PT #2

This morning was my 2nd PT session - the first "real" one, since last time I was still all bandaged up.
Annie is being nice to far =)
We started out with my home exercises and stretches as a warm up and we ended...
With a 6 minute ride on the recumbant bike!
Granted I was only pedaling with one leg, the other one got to go along for the ride!
I should be able to get rid of these balsted crutches in about a week, too!
Hopefully after my post-op appt next week I will get the "all clear" to get back in the pool and start driving again!

I would like to send a shout out to all my limo services. All these appointments require me finding lots of rides and it's so nice to have so many of my friends help me out. I hope I can return the favor for them one day...although not for an injury!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Post-Op Appointment #1: Not for the faint

I didn't think today would ever come. My first post-op appointment. The day my sutures would be removed and the large bandage would no longer get in the way of my leg fully moving and getting into clothes!

TG Cathy picked me up and we were hopping to the car I mentioned to her my excitement in this adventure - adventure it what it was. Cathy's car had some bad gas - like eating too much mexican bad gas. This kept us entertained for the trip.

I got all checked in and Nurse Trish called me to the back. She saw that now that I am putting some weight on my foot I am walking tortoise slow - the hare would definitely win these days. So she moved me into the first room. I hopped up on the table as she got the suture removal kit. I couldn't wait to look under neach all the wrap, gauze and goodies. (Ok so maybe I peeked yesterday morning). Boy was that ga-ro-dee.

Time for the steri-strips to be removed (whoo getting faint thinking about it) As she peeled back the strip revealing the wound I see it still open. (gag reflex). Deep breaths, fave. Deep breaths. she explains to me that it is only one stitch - called a running stitch along the inside. she cuts the end - owie. Dr. Z comes in to check on me and about this time I am getting hot. not warm. Hot. Did someone turn up the heat because man I am dripping sweat. color - where did you go? they both look at me as I am now seeing spots. You feeling okay? I shake my head 'no' as I can't even speak. They quickly lay me down and put my knees up and start fanning me and get me some water. Trish keeps me talking. It felt like an hour, but was probably only about 5 minutes then I am able to breath normally again. I decide it is best that I do not watch her put on the new steri-strips.

Good news is I can take a shower! Not a bath, but a shower. What does this mean? I can shave my legs! IronGreg's legs are smoother than mine these days - there is something wrong with that. I of course can't clean the area of the wound, but at least I can get the leg wet now. And these new steri-strips will eventually fall off.

And now I can see the wound whenever I feel like it. The bruising is exposed, which my coworkers are enjoying since I am wearing shorts today. One step closer to recovery.

I would also like to high-five all my girls (and guys) that did Kinetic and White Lake this past weekend. you never cease to amaze me.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I started PT this morning.
I decided to go with my friend and team mate Annie. She understands the craziness I do and she is quite convenient - on my way to my office! Maybe working with her I will get some of her super speediness, too!
The accomplishment this morning - I can now put a maximum of 25% of weight on my leg! I am a sloooooow walker, but will get there soon! Yay!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain rain go away

I am indifferent about rain.

Last night I got excited about all the rain we've been having when I saw my first 4 little tomatoes hanging off the plant, my spinach has quadrupled in size, and my lavender has doubled!

However, this morning I have changed my mind.

It started out as normal as these crutches make my morning routine. I hobbled out of the car (friend drops me off right at the front door) and into the building where my maintenance man was holding the door open for me. I take one hobble into the lobby and *SQUEAK* there go the crutches. Wet bottoms ont he shiney floor not so good. Wordt of all is that instinct is to keep from falling to the right - sam your right foot down., So that is what I did. HOLY SHIT. I couldn't get to my desk fast enough to allow the tears to flow without everyone seeing. My friend came and brought me an ice pack and my leg is elevated.

I don't think I tore the stitches, but that muscle might explode. It's jsut throbbing. I don't have pain meds with me nor can I take them at work ZZZZzzzz. And I am on Aspirin to avoid blood clots (since it's a lower leg incision my chances are increased) so I can't take any OTC drugs like tylenol or advil.

Rain Rain Go Away.

Come again when I can walk on TWO legs!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surgery Report

It's been 6 days since my anterior lateral fasciotomy. And I feel like it was just yesterday.

Mom and Greg took me first to the DMV to pick up my handicapped pass. Mom and I went in while Greg stayed outside to eat so I didn't have to look at his delicious bagel. While we waited we watched a man, a very kind man, who was pushing 90 get his DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWED! His daughter had to re-tell him everything the DMV attendant was saying bc his hearing aid must not have been turned up high enough. he couldn't read all the lines so they asked him if he saw blinking lights. We just sat there and stared. The guy in front of us took a picture of all this with his camera phone.

Next stop: Advaced Orthopaedic Surgery Center.
It was a very quick sign in and they brought me to the back. I barely had time to sit down before I was kissing mom and Greg bye. After getting int the gorgeous gown and cap, they brought mom and Greg back to sit with me. It was definitely entertaining being in that place! so much going on. I met with different nurses, doctors, anestesi...well don';t make me spell it. let me tell ya - that guy was a bundle of energy. He was going to put me to sleep without any drugs. But I guess that's a good thing. They finally wheeled me to the back. The room was big and white.

Next thing I know I bolted awake! The first thng I said, "Did I talk in my sleep?" Unfortunately not. "Well did I do anything fun in my sleep?" No. "Man, I'm boring". I rub my eyes and there's mom and Greg back to see me!

We went home and I already had the sofa bed pulled out ready for my arrival. But first I had to pee something crazy! I guess this is what pregnant women feel like. They told me when I got home to eat and take my medicine, including 2 percocets every 4 hours for the first 48 hours. Clearly they do not realize that I am tough. I only need 1 percocet at a time. Holy hell - give me more percocet! They weren't kidding. And you have to eat with it, and not just a little sampler, but a meal to not get sick. So I had LOTS of pizza, chik-fil-a, ice cream...the works! (calories don't count after surgery)

A few of my girlfriends came by and kept me company and everyone has been tkaing SUCH good care of me. It's very hard being dependent on people. I can't even carry the laundry to the washing machine! It's like not only did I lose the use of a leg, but also both arms because they are holding the crutches.

On Saturday night I noticed a red spot around my knee. It was VERY tender and warm to the touch. I called in adn the on-call doc called me back and told me to outline the area and then call back if it grows. Sunday morning it was looking good. The Sunday night it came back...bigger! So I call in and this time the on call doc, was my own Dr. Z. He wass concerned I had an infection! He thought about asking me to meet him at the ER, but then decided that it was probably cellulitis (cellu-what!!! um that word and I don't get along). So I went in first thng monday morning to see him. he was waiting for me when I got there. But the "hot spot" was gone again. So then he sent me over to the hospital to have a blood clot test done. As I was wheeled around the hospital by a 90 year old man - there is something wrong with this picture - but his son in PA does triathlons, too! blood clot came back negative - thank goodness!!! my leg was re-wrapped so I could bend my ankle better for my ankle pumps. Yowsers! those hurt!

I am feeling better. Night time is hard. it is just plain uncomfortable. my foot is swollen, but I can get a sneaker on it now. I start PT with TG Annie on Friday - I hope she's nice to me! and then on monday the blessed day. I get my stitches out.

Other exciting weekend news: B.D. IS WALKING!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EW! Look what I just found

it looks so much prettier in pictures.
this is the back of my knee

BL goes...Ironman?,,20276619,00.html
not sure how I feel about this. I think it’s great on one hand, and I think it’s marketing gone overboard on the other hand.
I cannot wait to see tonight’s episode. How is Ron going to run a marathon with his health history? That’s just foolish.