Monday, March 7, 2011

Melted Heart

My two nephews have taken over this heart of mine. I was once talking with my sister about how it's amazing the love that you are filled with before they are even born. she told me to just wait until I have my own - I can't even imagine.

TD is getting so big. He's almost 3 now and he is just the funniest guy. Friday I met them for lunch and when I walked in he spotted and was just waving and saying "Auntie! Auntie! we're over here!" Before I could get there his arms were wide open and he was making the "big hug" noises.

then I received a picture letter from TD's new baby brother, BB, asking me to be his Godmother. How special am I?!

I have the best best nephews any Auntie could ask for.
they are constantly melting my heart with their love.

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