Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Training

Saturday I was scheduled an EASY 75 minute run. I love when I see that "e" word on my schedule. Unfortunately, due to the shin issue, I spent 90 minutes pool running. It went by fast than I thought it would.
I used a friends adice and clipped my iPod shuffle to the top of my head.
The pool was quite the place to be on a saturday morning. but i was able to run along the lane line behind the water aerobics.

I finally got off the trainer and hit the road Sunday for a 3 hour tour. Damn, I got my butt kicked. I used to be pretty good at hills, I was the last one up every single hill. With IMCDA in 3.5 months...guess I will be doing. hill repeats. oh boy.

that brings us to this weekend. shamrock.
I'm doing it.
I can't sit on the sidelines and wonder what if.
Sure it may hurt.
Sure I may not PR.
BUt I can't just watch.

still waiting on my new shoes, btw.

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tri-ing races not cases said...

Looking forward to racing with you this weekend. Am proud of your attitude! Go get em.