Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let the Aqua Jogging Begin

My shin pain is either serious shin splints...or a stress fracture. the road to recovery is the same at this point, so I am not going to drive all over town getting a MRI or Bone Scan done. I mean does it really matter?

So PK and I talked briefly this morning about how to adjust the training plan...
Friday's run starts session one of aqua jogging. I did this a LOT after surgery when I had a few months before IMAZ, so now I am doing it a few months before IMCDA. Hmm...I smell a trend. A trend that I would like to stop, thank you very much.

One intensity ride during the week and one long ride on the weekend.

Call me Nemo. Or Dory. Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.
I hope I have enough bathing suits between 3 swims a week and however many aqua jogs a week.

I had my session with "Jillian" this morning. I will still meet with him 2x/week. We are going to focus on abs/core, arms, and back. minimal legs.

I wonder when walking up and down stairs becomes 100% pain free. Today isn't nearly as bad as Wednesday. Track on Tuesday really killed me. Blasted track.

I think everyone training for CDA should be on my plan. that makes it fair, right?!
I definitely spent yesterday moping around the house having a pity party. IronGreg gave me one day to feel sorry for myself and find the mindset of a new training plan. It sucks watching so many people just train their hearts away with mild normal aches and pains but no injuries and than I haven't been injury free since 2007!!!! I mean come on now. I think I am due here. I eat right. I stretch. I take care of myself. but to no avail. I'm stubborn. I don't accept being told I can't do something. That makes me want it more...and throw fits along the way.

Back to that Shamrock question from yesterday.
PK says no.
I say yes. I mean this could be a stress fracture already so what's the harm in one day of running outside! I have two triathlons in April that are training races for IMCDA. I will have to run outside for those, too. At this point...F-it. I will aqua jog to my heart's content. and Run outside for races. Sure it will hurt. and sure my times will suck.

But I am not a quitter.
(IronGreg's reminder last night...when he gave me flowers to cheer me up. aw.)
I quit smoking and trained for a 10k. (in 2005)
I trained for my first marathon (in San Francisco) 100% on the elliptical due to knee injury.
I trained for triathlons with stitches in my foot (granted that prolonged the healing process. oops.)
I trained for my first ironman aqua jogging and on the elliptical. from intense surgery (fasciotomy) to ironman in 7 months.

I am not going to quit now.
I may be stubborn.
I am not a quitter.

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Matthew Smith said...

I've never done aqua jogging, but I'm glad you found something that you can do while you heal. That sucks about being injured! Way to go for still powering on!