Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gazelle Sports

I love my Asics DS trainer 14’s. but they came out in 2009.
(the 15 in 2010 and now they are on the 16 in 2011).
Well model 16 gave me this blasted injury.
So I was on a mission to find some 14’s.
being that they are the model from 2 years ago you can imagine my search.
But I found them!!!!!!!!!!! At a retailer, gazelle sports, in Michigan.
And they have them in green, not the pink i have had, so they match my kit as an added bonus!!!!!!!
I had the pink when I wore pink, and now I wear green, and found them in green! (hey, like i told my ortho surgeon, I am not getting on the podium, so I may as well look good)
you can look at image to the right ------> and I am wearing the pink ones during IMAZ
I bought the last 3 pairs in their inventory!!!!! (clearance price AND free shipping, too!)
$209.00 for 3 pairs of glorious sneakers. 


Matthew Smith said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I'm so happy for you. That's a really good deal too. I'm so glad you found them. Now, hopefully, your injury will disappear!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Ted,
Footwear merchandise manager at Gazelle Sports. So glad you love the shoes, and that we were able to find you a great deal. Good luck with the training, an let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!