Thursday, August 30, 2007

Knee Update

Well the MRI came back and it is NOT a torn meniscus like she thought last week! This is good! But… no clue where the pain is coming from what is causing this – Argh!

So my options are:
1. ignore it and train through it
2. PT – "band aid on the boo boo"
3. 4-6 weeks off (after the marathon)
4. scope surgery (oh hell no!)
5. prescription – "band aid on the boo boo"
6. hmm I don’t remember! Must have been a good option!

Teresa suggested 2 and 5 if it were her in my shoes.
I am thinking 1 with increased stretching.
Then I will take the end of October and November off (mostly). December starts winter training, but it starts back up slowly.

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