Monday, February 16, 2009

Aging Up

Saturday marked the official day that I age up in to the 30-34 AG.

Friday I get to work around lunch after a photo shoot at a resturant I designed. I walk in and the girls on my team have cupcakes from my fave cupcake boutique, Two Sweet. And in G&HA tradition, they made me a most fabulous card.

After work I get home to find that Princess has already been walked and fed and there are flowers on the counter. I wonder who broke in...
Off to dinner for my Valentine's dinner date with IronGreg and his friend T - T's grilfriend was also turning 30 on the 14th! So the boys take us to dinner and we fill our bellies. food come sets in and all we can think about is going to bed! but the boys convince us that we should go meet up with their work friends. We get to the resturant and...SURPRISE!!
The boys have been planning a surprise party for us for months! so sweet.
Then I wake up on my birthday...with heartburn. Welcome to the 30's club!
After a 2 hour pool run with Laure and swimming a few laps I head to go pick up the birthday shirt from the alteration place. However, I leave empty handed. They lost my shirt!!!!!!!
Deep breaths. Take a nap.
Get my hair and brows did.
Head off to meet the girls for manis. But not just any ole manicure - party in the parking lot with cupcakes and B&J Margaritas! Now that's what i'm talking about!
I'm rady to go to the family dinner. IronGreg picks me up with gifts and more flowers!!! That's 3x in one week - I could get used to this! A new iPod and.....a SNUGGIE!!!Niiiice.
Family dinner was fun. B.D. is crawling all over the place.
Head off to the party and boy that was fun.
What happens at the birthday party, stays at the birthday party.
Needless to say, although I was surprisingly not hngover I spent Sunday napping and being lazy with my family.
Welcome to the 30's!!!

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Denise W said...

lol...Jeff is SOOOO looking forward to aging up! He hates being at the end of the age group (this year it's 44...ugh!) so he can't wait to be the slickest, fastest, thing in the 45-49 group! You go ahead and take 'em, girl!