Monday, February 9, 2009

Bob Babbitt

This weekend was the USAT-MA Annual meeting as well as the RTC banquet.
The guest speaker this year was Bob Babbitt - the voice behind Ironman.
Bob spoke as the symposium as well as the banquet, so I was lucky enough to hear him twice.
He has so many FAVulous stories I could listen to him for hours. I would probably end up with six-pack abs from laughing!
But my favorite story was this...
(back story, Bob's first Ironman finish was at the 3rd ever Ironman. Before there were even water stops. he knows every story behind the race known as Ironman)
At the 25th anniversary of Ironman he was watching all the finishers go by and one after another was complaining that they had a bad day b/c they were minutes or hours after their self-imposed goal time. He was with Michael Collins (I think that's his name...he also got involved in the first Ironmans at the age of 16) who said, "Bob these people don't know what a bad day is. A bad day is when you are still running as the sun is coming up and the paper boy goes by you with newspapers that have the results posted for a race you are still in"
Bob also told stories of the amazing people he has met through his charity - the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
Then comes Sunday morning and time for my 12 mile run. Last year during shamrock training I really worked hard. this year I have the same goals, but have found myself not working so hard. I missed my 10 miler. And I missed last week. So the last time I ran outside was 2 weeks ago and that was only 8 miles. Luckily Miso (one of the three amigas) felt the same way. This year we are not at what she called, "our fighting game". so we knock out the 12 miles. But it wasn't easy. I paid for my slackness and it was a wake up call that I only have a month before the race and if I don't get my ass in gear I might be able to finish it, but it will not be fun. And well, it's all about fun, right! so I remind myself that this is the year of missy. and it's okay to say no to volunteering at everything. I think about how it may take me longer, but after listening to Bob - at least the paper boy won't be passing me and at least I have my own legs.
Today I will enjoy the last Monday of my 20's.

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