Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feel Your Inner Tina

Rollin! Rollin! Rollin on a River!
Okay, so I may not be Tina Turner, and I may not be rollin on a river, but I am rolling along.
Literally in fact!
Yesterday was another GREAT day at PT with Annie.
not only did I continue to run 1 minute intervals on the readmill, I moved up in speed to 6.0. Getting better.
AND she told me I can ride OUTSIDE!!!
I was originally supposed to wait for 2 more weeks until my 8 week post-op exam. This is when Dr. Z would tell me if I could ride outside and start running.
But Annie has me moving right along ahead of schedule (Triathlon training came in handy maybe)
So this weekend I will be rolling along the road at the Tavern pre-ride. I know I have to take it slow, but still - I get to be out there!!!

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