Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming Can Be Dangerous to Your...Finger?

Circle swimming is common in swim classes with multiple people in each lane.
Inevitable you are going to hit inside arms/hands from time to time.
ProK always says swimming is a contact sport.
Sometimes that inside hand get a good whack!
Luckily, I can bend it so it's just jammed.

Now - to figure out when this happend!
first of all ProK had me swim with the Sharks - ack - scary! i knwo it's good for me, but it's scary, too! They are fast over there.
I remember having a run-in with someone's hand and I assumed it was Tyler.
Throughout class it was burning like I scraped it. I didn't rememebr hitting the lane line or anything.
As I was walking out of the locker room I looked down and holy bruise, batman! It was already swollen and burised. Uh-oh. But it's only a pinky finger (which my co-worker thinks I need).
But I can bend it and the swelling has gone down a lot. Now it's jsut bruised and looks a little deformed - must have jammed it.
The best part is I told Tyler's wife that her husband broke my finger.
His response - that I kicked him in his head.
First I thought - well that must have echoed haha.
then I realized i bet I didn't kick him in the head, but i hit him in the head and that's how I hurt my finger.
Man that boy is hard headed! Maybe that's why he runs so damn fast.
Note: it looks better in the picture. and no I am not getting x-rays done for a stupid pinky finger.


kayrob said...

Awww. Poor Monkey. I hope you did kick him in his head for that! :) :)

margo said...

tape that shit to your ring finger and keep on movin'. hehe.

keiko said...

Girl- had no clue you were so accident prone! Ha ha. Hope it gets better soon!!