Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting Concept and Other Blabberings by Fave

If you take turns drafting and pulling.
And you don't look around at the pretty flowers.
You actually end up with a good bike pace average.
What a concept.

However, riding two days in a hard.

I really have to get used to training again. I have taken about 10 1/2 months off. I mean I did stuff, but nothing "real training". And then spent the last 2 months doing jack.
Damn my body forgot how to do this stuff.

So, the I Love the Tavern Triathlon is this weekend. This was not on my original plan for the year, but since I had to drop out of Rockett's since I was on cruthces and stitched up, this one got added - the aquavelo only of course. just to "clear the cobwebs".
Well. Then my cousin and his famiyl were going ot be in town from NH touring some of the south's finiest civil war sites (his kids know mroe aboutthe civil war than those who have sutided it for 50 years). so since cousin Rick is going to be in town, my mom and brother are coming in town as well. and since I am doing a tri that weekend and my brother will be here, he may as well sign up for the race as well. and well since my brother and I are doing the race and cousin Rick is a runner...well then he may as well do the run for me. So I moved my registration from Aquavelo to 2-person relay. And "Lady and the Mustache" was born. my cousin rocks a great 'stache - and i don't think i would recognize him without it.

I am scheduled to do a big ride the day befor ethe race, so we shall see how this race turns out. It's all just a training day, right? just with results posted for all to see.


TriGirl 40 Something said...

Wishing "Lady and the Mustache" an awesome race! Sounds like you are well on your way for getting as fast on the bike as you are in the water!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Love the team name. Remember just a cobweb shake. You're looking strong in the water these days and I'm sure those bike legs will come back easy. Have a great race!

Joette said...

It's so fun to look at the flowers, though!