Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love the Tavern

Yesterday was my first race since Timberman (yes almost a year ago). Between takign the winter almost 100% off and then the surgery, I haven't done much (besides swiming) since August, either.

The day started as they always do - with that annoying buzz from the alarm clock. I finally get out of bed and am just freezing because I am so tired (and Greg's hosue is cold). I sleep walk around getting dressed and filling water bottles.

On the way there I realize I forgot a transition towel. Oops. Good thing I was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt turned into towel. I stood around transition just looking around at everyone scurrying to set up their spots.

This race was especailly cool because not only was I getting back in the game, but my brother was there and my cousin and I were on a relay team together - Lady and the Mustache. I was doing the swim and bike and he was running.

As we stood on the dock watching the first waves go off we see them swimming jsut to stay in place! I was int eh last wave. it looked as if everyone ws in an endless pool. Some people swimming forward and going backwards. Oh this is not going to be good. By the time e get to go in, we've learned that the key is to sit on the dock and swim into the river after the horn sounds instead of wasting energy waiting for the gun to go off. So that is what I did. There were people everyone. more than I ever remember. All colors of caps, too. I had to stop twice in the beginnign to catch my breath. What is wrong with me?! I have done this numerous times. I just couldn't shake the feeling of a weight on my chest. I wanted to unzip my throat so I could breathe. I thought about one of my good friends who recently had this happen to her. I just put my face in the water and took a breathe a sighted every other stroke to get into a rhythm. It worked. I was back on track. Of course I am being kicked let and right and I am sure I kicked a couple times myself - it happens on accident. But one guy accidentally (there is no way he could have planned this any better) just kicked my goggled right off my face. That sucked. So I had to stop and put them back on and I could feel myself drifting backwards. Ugh. Secretly my goal here was jsut to beat my brother's swim time. He is faster than me by far on the bike and run, but we've been pretty close on the swim, but he has always been faster. Finally made it to the turn around and was out. The stairs were so high though it was hard to get out.
Look at my watch and it's around 15:30 +/-. way to go, fave.
Official time - 16:27 (would have been 4th in my A/G if I weren't a relay)

Back into transition and I had to sit down I was a little dizzy.

I was off on the bike and ready to go. I knew it was harder going out than coming back in so I was going to relax more on the first half and then bring in on in since I didn't have to run afterwards. I realize about a mile that I was int eh small ring in the front - d'oh! no wonder I wasn't going anywhere. I get into a rhythm and am on my way. My goal was to average 18. I'm not the strongest cyclist and have only been riding again 5 times since surgery. but I really wanted that 18 average. Here comes the big hill. I don't want to muscle up it so I decide to switch into my small chain ring. and there it goes...dropped my chain. DAMMIT! At the bottom of "the hill". I watch people pass me as I am trying to quickly put it back. Then I get to go up the hill from a dead stop. awesome. but I made it up and made up some ground. and I am happy to say I think I was one of the few people out there not drafting. my goodness people! Hammer it in for the next few miles and back into transition I am. I look at my computer... 18.6 avg! heck yeah!
Official time - 1:02:52 17.9 pace.
Damn. that sucks. so close. Stupid chain.
(would have been 7th in my AG)

I had good friends come and watch which made me smile! love them.

Then I saw my cousin coming so I ran down the chute with him (in my flip flops) for a team finish. Can't wait for that photo!

Afterwards I met up with a couple girls to head off for another 2 hours on the bike.
All in a day's work.

oh - and I beat my brother by 4 minutes in the swim. oh yeah.


kayrob said...

Way to go, Fave!!!!

Joette said...

Good job!

Denise W said...

You are amazing! Way to go, girl.

keiko said...

Awesome girl!!! Great job!