Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Since IMAZ, I have down squat.
Fave = slug.
I hit the recumbant bike at the gym once.
I hit the treadmill...once.
The elliptical...once.
The pool...maybe twice.
I did finally pick up my bike about a week ago.
But I haven't yet put the pedals back on her.

However, this week I actually decided to start getting back in shape again.
you know about Tuesday's Track Torture.
wednesday i did nothing.
thursday i hit a strength class. my legs were incredibly sore when I woke up and I really didn't want to go - but I thought about that wedding dress and was able to peel myself out of my ncie warm bed.
and what did we do - lots of jumps, lunges, calf raises
needless to say I spent the day yesterday walkign around the office with a limp in my step b/c my legs hurt so bad.
I had left my gym bag in my locker. After my morning workout I kew I would back after work for masters and a run - sounds good, right?
so i left my things there. locked of course.
and this morning moseied back over to the gym, having the motivation since all my getting ready things - make-up, hair dryer, etc - were all in that locker.
so i met my friend Kat there for a little t-mill social hour.
i managed to squeak out a 15 minute run/walk. you rea that correctly...15 minutes - not miles...minutes.
my quads were cursing my name.
so i hit the recumbant bike for 15 minutes.
then managed to hit the weird lower back/oblique machine for lots of ab/core work.
i really liked it. ew.
so tomorrow i am going back and triyng some yoga.

it's weird not training for a big triathlon. i want to do so many things...and I can!


Mike Russell said...

Sweet schedule! Recovery from an IM is such an individual thing. I am really surprised by people who are able to go back out for a ride or run a week after their race. I chalk that up to genetic freakiness...

tri-ing races not cases said...

Your new activities sound fun and that's the point of this year right??

Heidi Austin said...

enjoy your R&R and hope you make a smooth transition back into the swing of things :)

Tea said...

Be patient. The best thing you can do is have fun! You don't have to swim/bike/run. All in due time.

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