Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queen city

As always, I enjoyed my time in the QC this past weekend.
I can't say I got my long run in, but I got some wedding planning done, and that was the main goal.

IronGreg and I went tasting. we loved all the the food, so now we have to pick which we want to serve.
We were able to pick out the cake! I had a vision in my head, so I met with the pasrty chef and voila!

then Marms and I went to meet the florist. The florist who my mom and sister really liked passed away the weekend I got engaged - hmph. So we decided to go with one that came highly recommended to us from many people.

Figured out how to do place cards. working with creative people comes in handy - we put our heads to gether and one thing came to another and voila! creative place cards!

i did come back and do my long "run" last night. I got to the gym at 7:00 thinking the post-work rush would be gone. man was I wrong. the first treadmill wasn't going to be open until 7:30 - and with a 75 minute run, I didn't want to push it off 30 minutes. So I hopped on the elliptical and away I went. I pushed it hard. I picked "Random Hills" on a mid-level for the workout. 75 minutes, 8.5 miles, and 650 calories later I was done.

I got home around 9:00 and by 9:15 ws asleep...in my gym clothes on the sofa. Luckily, IronGreg called and woke me up about an hour later.

so now if only I could get on treadmills whenever I wanted, could pick out flowers, and food. oh and earrings and shoes. i really want to elope.


KR said...

NO ELOPEMENT! :) I am looking forward to your wedding too much... you can not deprive me of the opportunity to have dinner with my husband again! ;) And also to see my beautiful friend looking even MORE beautiful on her wedding day!

SusieQ said...

Eloping is fun :)
Although my mom was not pleased by that move...

Mike Russell said...

I vote yes on the elope...you save a ton of money that way. People will thank you later.