Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bodyshaping or Football Training?

Last night I went to my weekly Monday adventure in bodyshaping class at the Y. this class does an overall toning. works you to the core, but enjoyable. Last night, however, was not enjoyable. I think it was the instructor's first class - at least that is what I am telling myself sinee she was...well, she stunk! We started with a warm up? I think. It was so fast I might have missed it. A few step touches - which always make me want to laugh for soem reason. I feel very "1987 bad workout video-ish" when I do them. We went into arms. Then we did arms. And moved over to arms. Yes - 40 minutes of arms - and mainly shoulders. I wanted to tell her that I was going for the Michael Vick look. She would start the next set without giving us warning so it took half the set to get going. I think we might have done abs and legs, but I don't recollect. The best part was the music with me, margo, claire, and jenn dancing around while doing abs. Oh! we did do abs...because we danced during it. haha. The instructor didn't have much personality so I believe we entertained a few of the other fellow shapers. Fianlly the class was over. no one clapped at the end. It was obvious that no one enjoyed her class. Overall it was too focused on arms and went so fast it was hard to keep up. There was too little stretching. Such is life. Next week has to better! haha.

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jones said...

uh... ANYTHING would be better than her. and she looked like a bird. a really weird bird.