Friday, April 27, 2007

In the words of E.T.: "Owwwwwwch"

The class I took on Monday had lingered with me all week. Not only nightmares of the poor instruction, but the constant reminder of the pain in my calf. Like the buzzing of a gnat you can't swat away. Tuesday I felt fine and went on otu to West Creek for my ride and run...not bad, but my calf started feeling sore. Cut the run off at 3 miles - not bad. Wednesday it hurt. Period. Not like a "I had a badass workout" sore, not like a cramp...but a mixture of the two. By Wednesday evening, I decided to make to sad decision to listen to my body and take the night off from the pool. Thursday morning came and time for the group run. I go to stand up....Owwwwwwch. I can't put my foot down! Maybe 15 minutes of the heating pad will help. Nope. Skipped workout number 2 of the week. Argh. throughout the day every time I stand up I have to walk around on my toe before my calf muscle allows me to put my foot down! But darn it - I want to ride my 18-20. So I head back out to West Creek for my weekly ride....6 miles later....back at the car. another workout missed. Today is my night off, so let's hope by tomorrow morning I can get a run in...before Keiko's bachelorette weekend begins! That's my whining for today. Would I like some cheese to go with that? Yes please.


TriGirl 40 said...

Unbelievable - I've been having the same problem in both my calves this week. This morning, they were tight, but at least I was able to get out of bed without walking on my tip toes! I ended up skipping yesterday's brick because of the weird cramp/tightness. Hope yours start feeling better - for an awesome long workout tomorrow!!!!

Cyndi said...

Take it easy, Fave! I was having knee issues on Tues and considered bagging the 90 minute run. Derek (my hubby) told me that, in his experience, an injury would hurt at first and then mask itself with your andrenaline and go numb. The subsequent damage from continuing your workout would cause it to hurt even more in the following days. He blah-blah'd on saying if it doesn't work itself out in the first 10-15 minutes then you need to stop and care for your injury or readjust your workout so that it doesn't cause further damage. In my infinite wisdom, I told him he needed to suck it up like a Tri Girl. Ummmm, don't tell him I'm admitting this but -- he was totally right. I ran the full 90 on Tues and the pain was so bad the next day that I had to double up Thursdays' bike and competely skip the run in hopes of making it through tomorrow's 12 hour runathon ;)

Take it easy and listen to your body!! You've been cranking out the kick-ass workouts lately so give yourself some time to recover!


tryingtotri said...

I hope you are feeling better! You are doing so awsome with your training, I know how fustrating it is to have a set back. Just remember to take care of it so it doesn't get worse!