Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring-ing Into Action

After last weekend freak snow, the weather this week has been spring-like. Ya know, cold in the morning and comfy in the afternoon. I would like for it to be pool weather, patience is supposed to be a virtue. It shall be here soon enough.
With these warm afternoons I have enjoyed my tuesday and thursday adventures at West Creek this week. Although tuesday was a little chilly, I rode 2 6 mile loops and then went to run. Not knowing the mile markers around, I jsut hit start on my watch and ran. I ran to the close end and back thinking this must be 3 miles. Well, I really need to learn to look at my watch. I got back to my car...12 minutes! uhhh...not so much a 3 mile run. Oh well. next time I will do and be better prepared.

After missing the morning run...yes I raced in snow but skipped running in ran, I returned to my new favorite place, West Creek, and headed off for another 12 mile ride. My goal is to do the distance in 42 minutes! I have about 6 weeks to do so...definitely need to build up my gluts. That's not too lofty is it? I had to get my Thursday run on so this time after my ride I actually used my watch and decided I would run 15 minutes out and 15 mintues back. I began my jog (3 bricks in one week i must be crazy). I went about 5 minutes out and realized how much I would love for a port-a-jon to be sitting on the side of the road. Kept telling myself to jsu tnot think about it and just finish the run and all will be good. I got 13 minutes out - ok this is awful - I have got to turn around. Why did I drink so much water?! I turn around a little disappointed questioning did i drink too much water and why am i so thirsty! I get back to the car - 27 minutes. Not a negative split like we were supposed to do...13 out, 14 back. I will blame my bladder on this one! (I have to have a scapegoat). I will drive the route to see what my distance was ....2.9 miles! What?! Have I picked up some speed. I mean I know my run last saturday in the duathon was faster, but that was race pace...this is a brick workout.

Now I am excited about my time and forget how bad I wanted that bathroom! I call my running mate, TG Aimee, and we discuss or goals. She and I are at the same pace now (10:00 tempo) and WILL be a 9:30 tempo pace by the end of the season.

I actually look forward to Saturday morning's brick. I hope to improve on my bike time (I really need to read the directions to the computer) and have a further run in there. Then sunday we are doing a 4 mile run before our gait clinic...Aimee and I will do this run in 38 minutes!

Cheers to a weekend of pushing myself further! See you girls soon!


TriGirl 40 said...

You looked great at Thursday's and today's bricks - could you believe that weather? You are well on your way to beating that 9:30 tempo goal - awesome!

triathlonmom said...

yep, just keep using the same "i need to pee so i'll run faster" strategy and you should run 9:30's or even 9's in no time!