Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Whirlwind or a Weekend

I think I have finally recovered from a whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night we had a bike fitting clinic at Maramarc filled with all kinds of useful tips and hints for making sure your pedal stroke is on key as well as your bike fitted properly. Afterwards the girls all went out for carbo loading...I headed home for laundry, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, and carbo loading, too.
TRIgirl group pre-race
Saturday i woke up and took a look at my outfit all laid out, took a deep breath and got ready. I was eager to pick up Jonah find our parking space and take a deep breath. Under control. It was nice to have company in the pre race drive. I always get nervous. We met up with everyone and took our group shot...picture not tequila, although I could have used the tequila! (picture to be posted later) I met up with Aimee and we were off. Determined to cross together. Determined to cross before 59:59. After almost losing each other at water stop one we were on our way. Good pace. wait - side stitch. side stitch. seriously?! a side stitch?! dang it! after a finsih line sprint...and losign each other - I finish at 1:01:40. 90 seconds slow, but a new PR. argh. i will beat an hour. i will.
TRIgirl group post-race
After the 10k i had a champagne toast witht he TG's and then headed off to begin primping...mani/pedi! were in order....then nap. Off to the Comfort Zone Camp gala. A fabulous time as always. Over 900 people were there along with guest Elliot Yamin. Lots of fun auction items and some of my favorite friends to share the night with.

Jay and Melissa at the CZC Gala

Sunday required no working out and resting in the sofa. all in a weekend's work.

next: 3 sports duathlon. 4 days. gulp.


triathlonmom said...

Cute, Cute photo...hmmmm....

Don't forget...U must taper...NOW!
if you don't believe me ask Grandy.

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture....like JH wrote...hmmmmmm


Renae said...

Great Job today at the Du. Now you can say you've raced in the snow!!!

TriGirl 40 said...

Congrats on completing the du. Can't wait to hear your race report. Thought about how tough you have to be to race in the snow - rock on!