Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend in Review

After a much needed restful Friday I was ready to take the rain and havea good brick workout with the girls. We all met up and took our photo for our Not With These Hands Pledge of non violence.

TRIgirls banner pledge of non-violence

Blake gave us a very informative flat chaning clinic. I was having flashback of my first outing with Diane and Annnn...whatever happened to that cute guy?! He needs to change my tube again. But, I did learn how to change one on my own. Let's just cross of fingers that any flats I have are during training! I changed my tire (not really a flat just let the air out for practice). then I headed out for a ride. My legs were feeling it - ugh. And my chain was just skipping all around. It started doign this a few weeks ago and the day of the duathlon it was all over the place.

I needed to get my biked adjusted, so I skipped the run and headed onto my friends at Conte's for a fixer upper. That was almsot an adventure in itself. As I waited for the mechanic, the guy that sold me my bike was the only one there so we chatted for awhile. I told him of my amazing team mates and adventures in training sicne I purchased the silver bullet. He rememberd that I had a guy with me when purchasing my bike and asked about him...calls him "the athlete" I was with. After he told me that i looked good I felt it best not for him to know that I am single and let him continue calling him "the athlete". Finally Marty the Mechanic showed up and fixed my chain. I asked him to also look at the clip on my right shoe because i was having a hard time with that one just really having to push to clip in. After looking a tboth my shoes he finds the problem. It is nto me being clueless..."the athlete" put my clips on teh wrong shoes!!! As they laughed at why an athlete is not a mechanic he fixed my shoes and was impressed I could clip in at all. Thanks! As he did this he also decided to loko at my computer. Puzzled, he asked if they installed it. i told him no the athlete did. Yeah - it was rubbing on ym tire this whole time and I rubbed the pick up off so they ordered me a new wire kit and they will isntall it for me. Once again this gave them a good chuckle. But now that my bike is tuned up and ready to go...I am ready for tusday's ride (wind pending).
After getting my bike fixed, two of my friends were heading to the pool. so...I went for a dip. it was much needed as it had been a few weeks sicne I have gone swimming. And i could feel that although my endurance is better than in February...I have a ways to go and am reminded that i need to put the time in for results.
So now that I have gone for a ride and a swim, I leave the gym and the sun is finally out. I think I need to go for a run. SoI call my BFF, missy 1, and we head off to Belle Isle for a few loops. Felt so good to be we decided the perfect way to end a good day of working out (she had already belle isle that morning, too) so we sat on her balcony overlooking downtown with a bottle red. That's what I call a good day.
sunday is another story. unfortuantely due to some debauchery with my college pals in Fredricksburg Saturday night, I did not make it to working out sunday. The bed was calling my name.

Here's to a good week of continuing progress. one more month to go!!!


Diane said...

We all need our play time, right? And BTW love your new kick ass TriGirl gear wearing photo to the right.

triathlonmom said...

Gotta love "the athlete" in all of us.
So glad you had Marty to set you straight! He is the best...and the only guy to deal with there. He fitted me for my bike.