Tuesday, April 24, 2007

See that? That's my tadpole tail!

Since I began the journey to becoming a triathlete I have feared the water. dum. dum. dum. I have never swam a lap in my life. And I am afraid of open water (which I am determined to conquer). I took Som's TI class in febraury and felt a world of difference - just knowing proper technique and the basics. And he told me that I would be able to 300 in 7 minutes! Seriously?! I have gone to a few of the swim practices in the past 2 months and even made it to the pool with TG DL. I had built my way up to swimming 100m but was still very nervous about being at the pool! I was just intimidated in general.

Recently, my good friend and now TG, Snells has come to the pool with me. She told me I could swim 150...and I did. She told me I could swim 200...and I did! Over the weekend she worked her way up to 500m. sigh. one day, I told myself, One day. then on sunday I graduated a lane in class!!! But i looked at the list...300m straight after doing how many other laps - oh boy! can I do this? I have to. So i got into my zone and went for it...and it felt great!!! (minus the 6:00 swimmers in the 5:00 class - I admit that was annoying ). *note by annoying I am referring to the frustration when we/I am trying to improve and am being passed mid lane and not at the end. i know this happens at races...but this is a team practice, not a race. so...the speed difference was frustrating.

So last night after bodyshaping torture, I mean class, Snells and I headed to the pool for a dip. We swam our warm up:
1 x 50 free
1 x 50 LA combo
1 x 50 fist
1 x 50 LA combo
1 x 50 fist
After these we were feeling jello arms and were feeling a little "off"
Then into our main set:
2 x 100 free
After those I felt that "now or never" inkling and knew if I was going to try for a distance tonight...now was the time. We discussed and were going for a timed 600m. Yowsers!!! this was twice was I had done in the poast...and that was just the night before!! I had butterflies in my stomach but i wanted it so bad. I knew if I didn't try I would go home regretting it. So I tucked under the water and pushed off and went for it! I took my time focusing on breathing (my biggest challenge), keeping my legs straight, looking down, and just staying in my rhythm. I was feeling in the zone. After 100m I was paused for someone asking to join me in my lane but said a quick 'yeah sure' and kept going. (unfortuantely he was not cute...even under water haha). I got back into my rhythm and went with it. I couldn't stop. 600m was nearing...do I stop? no. I am pushing on. new goal - 750m! 3 morelaps - I can totally do that - shoot I could do like 10 more laps...do i dare? Now that's just crazy talk. the wall is coming...I think I might have jumped half way out of the pool when I finished!!! My first 750m!!! time was 19:28. I wanted to do a little jig I was so proud of myself. One week ago I did my first 150 and with some motivation, determination, and a great friend...i pushed way further than I could have imagined.
*note - we swam a total of 1500m - 100 short of a mile - oops

I was on such a high! I felt like I could swim forever! Do I warm down already? Or do I time a 300? Eh, why not? So a timed 300m I went. I kept thinking to myself to keep my rhythm and think about my stroke but maybe speed up a bit to rech that personal goal of 6:59. I finish, hit the wall and look at the watch. Clearly my eyes must be fuzzy, I can't be reading this right. Goggles off. Rub the eyes. OMG 6:15!!!!!!!!! I walked to the locker room with so many thoughts running through my head - I couldn't wait to blog my acomplishment!!!! And then as I got ready to leave the gym I decided a new goal...5:59

As if my night could not get any better. I mean I just swam a 750 and a fast 300. Then one of my previous Little Buddies from camp called. She is 16 and we go and do fun things sometimes. Last summer I took her for her first makeover! (she lost her mom). We call each other perma-buddies as well as lots of nicknames and acronyms in everyday conversation. Well, she called. She told me about this club she is in that starts the year off with a father-daughter social and ends with a mother-daughter social. the mother-daughter social was coming up. And she asked me to with her! I was so honored that she looked up to me so much and wanted to share something so special with me! To use one of our fun sayings. "aw. tear." (in a funny voice)

What a way to start my week!!!


TriGirl 40 said...

Sounds like I should be seeing you in the 6:00 class soon (well, I've missed the last few). Seriously - you are making incredible progress!

Renae said...

Great job on the swimming. You're so ready for your first TRI!! Where are you swimming that has a 50 meter pool? I've been looking for one.

jones said...

you rock girl! we've just gotta keep on keepin' on because clearly we're good motivators for each other!

Melissa said...

I swim at the Tucky (aka Tuckahoe Y) - the pool is 25m, but ACAC is 50.

triathlonmom said...

OMG I am so happy for you! you, you FISH!
BTW the 6:00 girls in the 5:00 class said they were sorry -- they thought no one was going to show up that night and it wouldn't be crowded.

TriGirl 40 said...

Hey - just thought of something - you may want to update your estimated time for the Sprint!

Diane said...

Great job girlfriend!