Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Training Recap

After the events of last week, I couldn't find the focus to write about my training. so - here's a recap...
  • bodyshaping class
  • swam with TG Snells - completed my first 150m straight!!!


  • rode 12 miles
  • ran 4.25 miles- brick - felt great!!!


  • quick 30 minute swim before the clinic
  • had clinic - wond the "door prize" fitness assessment with Coach M! fat test and vo2...interesting.


  • hit the treadmill in Milwaukee. for such a nice hotel their treadmills stunk. i ran for 30 minutes before the heat of the room was so bad I thought I better get off before passing out!


  • rode 18 miles which felt good. although my hip is still bothering me.
  • ran 2 miles - wanted to go further but once again was missing the port-a-potty along the route.
  • I could tell that my energy was low since I got home from the airport at 1am - eugh.


  • swam 1 mile of drills with the team - "graduated" a lane
  • swam my first 300m straight!!
  • was advised by fellow TG to straighten legs and look down. but it is SO hard ot look down becuase we are so tight. ho hum.

Well - that's a wrap.

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