Tuesday, June 26, 2007

beer, deer, and hills - oh my!

Tavern is approaching quickly.

I am once again nervous about the race. I have done this before now, but I can't shake the nerves. This is my first open water swim race and over twice as long as the powersprint. The bike is longer than the powersprint, too and I have been hearing stories of nasty hills! But it is sponsored by a bar...i am thinkign there should be some very nice rehydrated refreshments at the finish line. (wishful thinking huh)

I know I have been training for Patriot so i should be able to tackle this one. I have my scheduled swims this week as well as an open water swim practice on friday - my last workout before the race - perfect.

In preperation, I headed off to the bike course to preview the hills. So this morning the alarm clock went off. What time you wonder? 4:30. yes, 4:30. gross. After some texts and calls Margo and I get in our cars and head off to Midlothian. Since the traffic on huguneot is known to be a bit tricky and the hills are mainly on the side streets, we headed off to do just that part of the course. As we passed one farm I saw one of those tacky fake deer right on the side of the road - sriously?! oh no wait - it jsut moved its head. and htere it goes off to the woods. wow. then about 50 yards ahead and two bucks running through the field away from us. i'm thinking this is like going on a nature tour...until we hit the big hill. not only do we hit the hill, bt there is an odor. ah yes - the token road kill. oh wait...it's a kitty cat :( poor thing. but i trudged up the hill showing it who's boss! heck yeah, hill, take that! turn around and back down we go...weeeeeeee!

now all i have to say is - i need a nap.


jones said...

i can't believe the blown up mailbox got no shout out on here.

TriGirl 40 said...

I've seen the fake deer, glad yours was not so fake! Did you hear about the 5th bear sighting today?