Friday, June 29, 2007


I have decided that the planets were out of whack this week! Between being completely scatterbrained, overplanned, and plain tired - I am ready for a new week!

sunday was good - back from teh beach and off to som's swim class. 2650 meters - i like it.

monday wasn't bad - body shaping class and swimming with friends

tuesday started off good - snells and i went for a ride to check out the hills we will be up against this weekend. i didn't think the hills were too bad, but that could be a different story when i am awake and have already swum 750 meters in the river. hopefully race day the deer will not scare us! but then came tuesdy afternoon. i was scheduled to run for 60 minutes. it was over 100 degrees outside and i have oodles of errands to run. yes, i skipped :( bad, fave. bad.

then along came wednesday. got up and went to weights class in the morning. after work i had to be at a camp fundraiser (which rasied over 900 bucks! woo hoo). i knew i was only going to 'work' that for an hour then head off to the pool for my swim. *clash* thunder. more thunder. seriosuly?! ok ok i will drink some wine. there goes my swim.

thursday has to be better, right. man i was exhausted! that kate oliver kept me up too late! (haha love you). 4.18 mile run at an easy pace. suposed to be at a tempo pace, but i am tired. 9:40 pace :( oh well. thursday night's ride was cancelled due to the threatening storms i trudged through on the way home. but - i did have a clinic and mexican food with my girls...if i could keep my eyes open!

TGIF!!!! tonight is scheduled for an open water swim practice and i am very much looking foward to it. there is the threat of thunerstorms, but i hope they hold off for a few hours. i would love to get a good open water swim practice in before sunday.

the weekend will be filled with errands, pig picking, and friends. FAVulous!

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