Friday, June 22, 2007


This week's training has been uneventful. Just a steady week...with minor tweaking. Becuase I will be out of town this weekend (bachelorette party woohoo), my scheduled was compressed to fit in the key parts of training.

Sunday was normal - the pool to lay out then the other pool for Som's swim class. This week sicne it was father's day it was a combined class. Oh it was combined alright! Only 5 of us were there!! We all received pointers to better are stroke technique from coach S.

Monday was also an uneventful normal day. Body shaping class kicked my butt! Okay so really it kicked my shoulders and quads. It was a good class - no exercises that tired us out too bad but gave us a good wrokout. Afterwards I headed to the pool. I did my workout per the schedule, but around 3/4 of the way through the drills - I was feeling class. I was pooped! So i called it a night without the warm down.

Tuesday was where the schedule got tricky. Originally scheduled to do a 30 minute tempo ride followed by a 60 minute tempo run. However, this was when I had to get my speed workout in so I was advised to instead do (8) 1/2 mile repeats with my new gial time of 3:40/each. I dragged my friend Ashley out in the 102 degree heat to attempt this. Although her husband thought we had lost our minds, we headed off to short pump middle to run the flat track. First 1.2 mile - 3:49. not too shabby. 7 more to go and i was hot! so i told myself it was okay to slow it down a bit. 4:14 - ew!!!!! 4:10. ok this is not looking good. I usually can break 4 minutes! But man is it hot out here! we take a couple breaks to walk around the track (1/4 mile) to cool off some before starting the next set. fianlly it's time to go. we spolied ourselves with yummy dinner kindly prepared for us by her husband and galss of nice chilled vino.

Wednesday was an optional swim or rest day. What?! optional rest day - no way! I knew I would be with the girls at Fleming's in the evening so a morning swim was the plan. My body wasn't so interested in in, though. I woke up and my muscles were mush. Between weights class and a hard run, they were plain tired. Disappointed, I had to take the extra rest day. My body needed the day off. So instead I spent my evenign drinking wine and eating PF Chang's! Now that's yummy!

Thursday - back in action. This was the day to do my 50 mile ride I would missing over the weekend. this about a 3 hour ride. So hmmm...I work until 5:30 and can be on my bike at 6:15 so that means riding until about 9:15 - uhhh do what. Riding alone for 3 hours was not very appealing (since the girls were riding on saturday). And the only place I feel comfortable riding alone is west creek. 3 hours of hills in circles alone was really not appealing. Fortunately for this one I could drag my cycling friend Jason out with me! We rode until 8:00 and called it a night. So not the 50 miles scheduled, but a ride none the less. (ps - i am totally sick of riding in west creek)

Today I am taking my rest day and tomorrow will go for a run on the beach. Sunday I will be back in action at swim class. See you all there!


jones said...

i am totally sick of west creek too. let's get a book and find other rides we can do after work to keep our minds from going crazy!

Diane said...

Check out RABA for some different rides - and better yet, invite me along!!!! Have a great fun-filled weekend!

TriGirl 40 said...

Glad you skipped out on Wednesday's swim and drank wine instead. And man, you are getting fast. Have a great time this weekend.

carmen said...

what is this about being disappointed with a rest day??!!

i skipped wed swim
tues run
and thurs bike

just listening to my body you know!

rode with some tgirls
out from robious landing today
it was a nice change of pace from west creek
and trail run followed
i will definitely go back there