Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's 7am and my day is complete

What a morning! As I dive into the training schedule for the week I am eager to take on the intensified workouts, knowing they are only going to get more intense in preperations for Patriot.

Today is scheduled for a swim. but not just a swim...a timed 1.25 mile swim. note - i swam a 1000 meters straight once. that is my longest distance to date. i figure out that 1.25 miles is 2000 meters. holy water, batman. that is rediculous. i must be crazy. but...i also really want it. so i get to the pool at 6:00 this morning. On the way there I realize that I believe this is the same time as masters class - doh! i will just swim in the warm family pool. as i walk through the locker room into the pool - there are all of about...1 person swimming! i dip my toe in the water of the stupidly cold lap pool. hmmm. not bad. let me check the family pool. hmm. that's rahter warm. i head back over to the lap and pool and hop on in. hey - why don't they keep the water at this temperature more often. i take a deep breath and head off for an easy 1x100 warm up. i notice that my breathing wasn't very on key.'s time. it's now or never. if i want this i have to do it. so i push off and am off. there were time i felt a little speedy, times i felt a little bored, times i needed to rememebr to breath, and times the run last night was telling my legs were still tired. but...finally...40 laps! woo hoo! rock on with my bad self. i had a goal of 45 minutes and finished in 42:58. hey not too shabby. i polish the morning off with a 1x100 warm down (2:16) and think. hmmm. it's 7am. my day is complete. what do i do now?!


Renae said...

I get so confused by this lap business. I could swear that in my 10 years of swimming on a team (recreational, high school, and year round) we just referred to a length as a lap. So i read your post and was like "Oh no, she only did 1000m" but then realized that you said laps and not lengths. Good job young lady. my training is going to kick in high gear after Friday when I get finished with this one class.

Diane said...

Great job!!!! I am so completely dumb that I thought the 1.25 timed mile meant RUN... didn't even occur to me to swim it. Unfortunately, I swam this morning so now I'll have to go back. Thanks for setting me straight.