Monday, June 4, 2007

The results are in...

swim - 6:59
T1 - 2:31
bike - 41:53 (17.8 pace)
T2 - 1:15
run - 29:16 (9:26 pace)
total - 1:21:52

age group - 9 out of 27
overall - 78 out of 182

swim - did i forget how to swim? this is the slowest i might have ever swam 300 meters. i have done so much better during training. what went wrong? mayeb the pearls created too much drag.
bike - i have ridden the course in the same time...when stopping at red lights! i need to check my tires. maybei did get a pinch wheni hit that pothole.
run - alright. this was the last leg (literally i guess). i have been averaging a 8:40 pace during practice. why sooo much slower?
i am trying to remind myself that this was my first race and there was a tropical storm going on, but i can't help but be disheartened by these times.


Renae said...

Don't be discouraged by the times!! you did the race and with a great time. Here are some thoughts: For the swim, you were not clocking yourself with my man in front of you doing the breast stroke and you having to tap his feet and then pass him, with you stopping at the wall to let the drag cheater pass you, these things all add up. For the bike - it was probably slippery and maybe you were not pushing as hard/ and you said it was harder to cycle after hitting hte pothole. Still a faster time than if you got off the bike to check things out. the run - well I don't know if you practiced running after swimming AND biking before, but you had to push harder on the bike than you were in training, so that used more of your leg gusto than it should have. Just think of what a big improvement you are going to have when you compare it to next year (b/c i don't think you are doing the 3sports tri 7/22 on the same course)

Anonymous said...

What?? Disheartened? You are being WAY too hard on yourself! You looked really, really strong out there on a crazy day.
And wasn't this your very first triathlon?
Be proud of what you've done - and remember, most people would NEVER ever attempt to do a triathlon (particularly during a monsoon).
Just think of the fun we'll have training for the Patriot...


Renae said...

And I wanted to mention about the swim also, do you have to get out of the pool before they stop your time, because that adds up as well.

TriGirl 40 said...

Fave, I see in you what I wish I had in myself 10 (or maybe 15) years ago. EXCEPT, a self acceptance for appreciating where you are now and what you want to be. You are beautiful!

Cyndi said...


I know exactly how you're feeling. I'm always totally happy with how I did until I look at the numbers!!! Keep this in mind: race numbers are like the scale. You can look in the mirror and think you look kick-ass and then hop on a scale and compare today's number to someone else's or what your number was yesterday (or in my case, 10 years ago) and suddenly you think you look terrible. What's the message in this?? Ignore the freakin' numbers!!!! There are always going to be things that get in the way of a perfect tri. The goal is not to reach perfection but to make the commitment to strive for it. See where you may have given up some time without realizing it and then tweak things a bit. Remember, this was your starting point -- and your starting point is flippin' fantastic!! Mark my words -- in no time we will see Fave on the podium accepting the awards!!!

Diane said...

I agree with everyone else's comments - you did FABULOUS!!!! With or without the crappy conditions. Just remember, you were within a minute of your overall goal time. I didn't even know enough to have a goal time in my first tri. Give yourself at least another year before you start comparing yourself to the Ironmen! :) And by the way, can you let me know what your next race is so I don't do it? Let's see, blizzard in April for the Du, hurricane in June for the tri... whatcha got next?!? he he

triathlonmom said...

what a great race! Please don't be disapointed, if this race were perfect, you wouldn't have anywhere to improve.
You are awesome!