Monday, June 11, 2007

TRIgirls Soar Like Eagles

Let me start off with some bragging. I am so proud of my girls! They were the most amazing girls participating in Eagleman yesterday.

After an evening out with some friends saturday night, that 4:00 alarm clock was awfully early. (I am blaming Barrett for coersing me into going for the after dinner drinks). But i packed everything up and made it to Margo's for our 5am departure - Cambridge or bust.
Fave, Margo, and SanDee
Margo, SanDee, and I (we lost annn and derek) agreed it was way too early to talk very much and we jsut needed some good fattening breakfast. mmmm. mcdonald's bagel sandwich. perfect. this helps the wine headache. after a small dc detour we amke our way to the race with prada parking - right on the run course. we post our signs and decorate the street.
we missed the swim exits. stink! so we walk down the street to see most of the girls start their bike!!! what energy in the air! luckily all of our girls made is out of the water unlike one guy we saw walking his bike out of transition with a broken seat post!
everyone starts coming in from the bike and preparing for the run. i was so proud to be a trigirl and cheering for the girls. margo, sandee, jenn, and i took pictures and cheered as team members, coaches and friends pushed through the day.
Margo, Fave, Jenn
although there were about 2000 racers, i think the pink ladies made their mark on eagleman. we even got complimented on our fabulous tops! the dedication you all showed in your training and throughout the day in inspriation for us baby pinks. thank you for showing us the way. you all soar like eagles!

Liz, Deanna B, Anna Mac, Carmen, Amy, Lynn, Mary Jo, Kate, Susie Q, Cyndi


TriGirl 40 said...

You have no idea how much your trek to Eagleman made to us racers. Your encouragement and support helped us through the toughest race we've ever done. I wished I saw the chalked TRIgirl message during the run, but having you all there was way better.

carmen said...

thanks so much for your support
number one cheerleader
the chairs were a particularly
nice touch