Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not Quite a Master

After talking about it for months (yes, months), Snells, Jro, and I made our way to Masters swim class. I arrive at the Y and start preparing for class. Jro and I are hanging out...with no sign of Snells! Did we just get stood up?! Oh she is totally going to hear it - as we make our way to the pool. We chit chat with other swimmers...I of course was quiet feeling out the scene, finally Snells shows up. however...a coach did not. We make a decision that being slower and not as experienced in the water we should go to the only lap lane in the other pool and do our scheduled workout drills instead. A coach finally does show up, but we stick to our plan and torpedo through the drills. (As I was doing the drills I was telling myself to be a torpedo in the water).

Not bad times - 1:50-2:10 for the 100's, knocked 9 seconds off my 400 time from monday for 8:49. I can never remember what my 200's were - doh!

In regards to the Masters class - we might not be masters yet, but we will go for a sceond try...there was some yummy eye candy afterall :)

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TriGirl 40 said...

Those are awesome times! Congrats! Hope you had fun at the RTC swim tonight.