Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Masters, Batman!

last night's drills kicked my butt!!!!

4x75 (25k 25f 25s)
4x75 build
1x700 (300hard, 50ez, 300 harder, 50ez)
6x100 (2@2:15, 1@2:05, 2@2:10, 1@2:00)
11X50 (50@sprint, 50@ez 3x50@hard, 50@sprint, 50@ez, 3x50@hard, 50@sprint) (every other lane had to do 21x50)
total: 2500 meters

I was sad to not have any fellow pinkies in the pool with me :( Two people "dumbed down" a lane and smoked by me and the other guppy. I got very frustrated knowing I couldn't keep up as much as I wanted to. This made me lose it mentally half way through and make the class even harder and more frustrating. Therefore, I have exiled them from the guppy lane. I promise no more negative thoughts - Patriot's is around the corner. So i might be slow, but I, too can do it!


TriGirl 40 said...

Whew - sounds like a super tough swim workout! Hope to see you Wednesday.

Susie said...

So sorry to miss the workout :( but I teach on Monday nights. I'll see you Wed - and we won't let the speed dogs swim with us!!