Tuesday, August 21, 2007

White Caps, Mountains, and Pine Trees

Timberman was quite an adventure. Here's my novel...

I arrived in Manchester, NH after only a short delay meeting mom and brother at the airport. My brother got the rental car as mom got me dinner (since i missed dinner waiting on the runway) and I waited for my luggage. and I waited. and I waited. Then they announced that was all the luggage off the plane. I'm sorry, what?! Half the plane is still standing here. Off I took off for claims office knowing the line was going to be long. On my way I passed Desiree Ficker. I smiled and pointed her out to my mom - DF laughed and clearly I got busted for talking about her. When I got in the car, I first had to laugh. What rental car did they gie my 31 year old single brother - a mini van. pimp mobile. I told him he needed car seats and spinners to really pimp it out. Hew was saddened to hear he missed his opportunity of chatting it up with DF since he was waiting in the car. We fianlly arrive through the storm to Laconia, NH - my Aunt Mich's house. Always the family gathering spot.

I couldn't sleep so at 6:15 I called the airline. My bags made it!!! They were located and the delivery company would be delivering them befoer 1:00! What a sigh of relief. I had my tri outfit, helmet, and sneakers in my carry on. But my transition bag and bike cleats were in my luggage.

Brother, cousin Rick, and I headed off to downtown Laconia to MC Cycle - the host tri store for the race. We picked up our bikes all assembled and ready. Since I had no bike shoes we put my bike in the pimp mobile as Matthew and Rick rode to the race site. I said I would never drive a mini van, but I did. This way we could see part of the bike course and Matthew and I could check out the water. The bike course was defintiely hilly. and let's discuss the water. Holy coldness, batman! We swam around for a bit and the water was clear and pretty shallow - 8' deep at the deepest part of the race.

Upon our arrival back to the house all the kids were there riding bikes and playing with the neighbors. Guess what else had just arrived....my bag!!! So I threw on my cleats and Matthew and I rode around the neighborhood just spinning around for about 4 easy miles. After minor adjusting to both our aerobars we were ready to go.

That afternoon was packet pick-up at Gunstock. I should have clued in right here. Gunstock is a ski resort. What is required for skiing - mountains. The pick-up process was wello organized and very speedy. We toured aroudn the expo which wasn't as big as we were imagining, but well laid out. Little band with raffle prizes, team hoyt was there, as well as final kick had a tent. I went shopping! New tri shorts and socks. Aother all timberman gear tent I walked away with a new cycling jersey and visor. thepackets had goodies in them - an issue of triathlete magazine, gatorade endurance, lots of little samples. the 70.3 packets also had a hat in them. As I walked thru the expo I got a text msg of support from RW! just what I needed.

Back home for a spaghetti dinner and packing of the bags.

Man why do i do these?! It's soooo early! My brother and I head off to the race site at Ellacoya State Park. On the way there I turn on my dead cell phone to get teext messages of support from friends! I love it!! I get bodymarked and head into transition to set up. Only racers in there. The racks were set up so each rack was an age group. There were large letters on the end of each row for east visibility and numbers on the rack so you had a particular spot. I get things set up but am f-f-f-freeeezing. Matthew has his arm warmers in the car so he gives me those even though they are too big to wear on teh bike since i only have my tri top. I head off to the port-a-potty line. As we all stand around shivering I am thinking to myself - I left richmond in 104 degree weather was is the low 50's crap! Flashback to the snowy duathlon. I can take the cold. The women in ront of me strikes up comversation as we realize that she did Eagleman and noticed the TRIgirl presence at that race! Awesome! Go Pinkies! Well - time to wetsuit up.

Ahhhh beautiful Lake Winipesaukee. Mountains in the background, clear water. Perfect. Oh no...white caps?! seriously?! I watch the first wave start and before the first bouy someone is out of the water! oh my. We are all wading in the water since it is warmer than the air temperature! The water I was freezing in yeserday is now where i am going for warmth! As each wave starts people are taken out of the water and it is closer and closer to my turn. As I walk through the swim start timeing mats and into the water. Swim/awlk out to the starting line. 3-2-1 GO! I start swimming. Am I going anywhere. People around me are walking - maybe i should try that i am running through the water. Waves crashing in ym face. Back to swimming at elast my face is in the water. every breath - face full of water. every sighting - face full of water. Hmm. maybe backstorke - then the water will hit the back of my head! great idea, fave! wrong. the waves just go over my haed into my face. suck it up. get your game on. fianlly the first buoy. turn and swim parallel to the shore. waves are crashing on my left side. shore line and stronger breathing on the right - awesome! i get to the last buoy and cannot believe i am already done! as i am exiting the water i am passed by two people with purple caps - mmm not good. oh well. run up the ramp as i am unzipping the wetsuit and taking the arms out. throw myself down on the mats as some guy (who is supposed to!) strips off my wetsuit. man this thing has never come off so fast before. i grab it and run. didn't even think about my fear of losing my tri shorts!
Swim Time- 14:13
Swim Place- 45/61

After a slow 3:15 T1 I ran out for the bike with my family little kids and all cheering me on. The girl in front of me cashing at the mount line - i felt bad for her, but ran around her and pushed forward. I knew the bike started on a steady long uphill. Took my time. Realized I was going way slower than I would have liked and kicked it up a notch. The beginning was very congested and it was jsut a big pack - we fianlly spread ourselves enough apart, but were always closer than i would have liked. at times i had to hammer more than comfortable to pass someone to not draft and times slow down a bit to not draft. The were not hills, but I felt like I was riding through the blue ridge. I tried not to think about the burn. I think 90% of the first half was uphill. ok so that means fly on the way back, right?! yeah not. i hit two good descents that had me hit 30 - my fastest. I make my way back into Ellacoya passing the family again - CD's picture with your heat moments. As I quickly tear off the cleats and into the sneaks I hear my mom yelling "GO TRIGIRL!!" I look up, laugh, and blow her a kiss! She knows I love racing with my team and was sad to not have them there. (ps - totally just got teary eyed)
Bike Time- 1:01:21
Bike Pace- 14.7 (ew)
Bike Place- 34/61

T2 was quick (1:26). I haven't done a brick in awhile since I was out for so long and it got me. yikes! The first mile kicked my butt! I walked thru the water stop at mile 1! Looked at my watch - right at 10:00. I told myself a 30:00 run was just fine and kept on going ignoring the burn from my gluts and hip flexors from all the climbing. Picked it up and pushed on thru. Hey this isn't so bad, just needed to get my legs back. I should pick it up a bit. As I run along the pine tree lined road overlooking the lake and the mountains, there are signs the well organized race team has placed throughout the course for thoughts to ponder: "why does your nose run and your feet smell?" "Why is it called the #2 pencil if it used the #1 most used?" (duh #2 lead!). Well you get the drift. I thought these signs were a great idea to keep you from getting mentally drained. I run down the chute with my family cheering!!!!!
Run Time- 26:46 (my fastest 5k ever!)
Run Pace- 8:56 (which means my last 2.1 miles were at a 7:59 pace!!!!)
Run Place- 41/61

Final Time- 1:47:00 (goal was to break 2 hours)
Final Place- 36/61 (well i like to be at the top of the middle, but this works)

Aftrwards was a post race nap and the traditional family lobster feast! so yummy! Thanks to my family for the posters and cheers!

It was a great race and a great time. I hope to do the 70.3 next year. Pictures to come.

The next day with a glass lake the 70.3 course was rocking! Matthew, Matt L, Alissa, Becca, and Steve! It was great seeing the 3 sports logo, Endorphin logo, and Alissa sporting team nature's path!

Now - to the knee doctor I go. Sigh.


Jennifer said...

Congrats girl - you did so well!!! I'm proud of you! Hope to see you on Thursday. I missed your sneezing and coughing on the ride. We didn't see any cows this time either.

Diane said...

Congratulations on a great race and a super-fast 5k! You are fabulous!!!

Diane said...

Wait... should that be FAVEulous?!?!

Cyndi said...

GREAT race!!! Your 5k time was AMAZING!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time and you had some really special moments having the whole fam there! Congrats!!!!


TriGirl 40 said...

Great race report and congrats on the fabulous 5K PR! The bag deal must have been quite stressful!

carmen said...

i didnt realize it was in lake winnepesake
ive actually swum there
and by swim
i mean play around on vacation...