Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taining Much?!

Lord - where have I been?! Clearly not blogging that's fo sho!

So last thursday I went on a ride with Jenn, Erin, Emmie, and Becca. Out local meterologist, Erin, let us know that the crazy storm would be passing. So we all passed the time playing with transformers and eating spicy pretzels. Note - transformers today are not like when we were kids! They are hard! Alas, we were defeated and unable to transform teh car into a robot. But - we still had our spicy pretzels! After much deliberation, we conquered the storm and headed out for a nice ride. Good Times, Ladies. Good Times.

This past weekend I road tripped with the pink ladies to Jamestown Settlement for a Patriot pre-ride. We all met at maramarc and after a quick traditional detour to starbucks we were on our way! Riding with Cyndi behind the weel and DL by her side, we had a nice ride filled with talking and laughing. Then we got to the site. I admit I did get a wee bit nervous. As we were getting our gear together one woman asked us if we were doing Lady Patriot. Just becuae we are girls doesn't mean we an't do the half woman! sheesh. oh and have i mentioned that there were no port-o-potties! I mean we have hydrating for awhile now. The course was a nice ride. the first 20 miles were pretty flat. but no you can't hammer it out b/c man tere are some hills to come! one hill not everyone made it up (including the guy who was climbing next to me and fell and when i asked him twice if he was ok he ignored me - jerk!) anyways 0 after a brief sare of being lost wiht some rednecks looking way too hard at me, i finished! i did the course with my main goal being to take mental ntoes and my secondary goal to hold a pace of 16.5. well i took mental notes, but finished with a pace of 16.2.

my bike has been shipped and is supposed to arrive in newhamoshire today! tomorrow afternoon i fly out to new hampshire for timberman triathlon festival. i will be doing the sprint on saturday and my brother matt is participating in the 70.3 on sunday. as well as some RTC friends participating in the 70.3 as well! i love cheering everyone on - and i am really looking foward to seeing my brother kick major butt! (as well as sq's brother matt, too!)

well work is telling me that i need to do soem of it and stop blogging. so this is a short catch-up.

best of luck to everyone doing luray. i will be with you in racing spirit!

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jones said...

good luck at timberman hon!! you know you're going to kick some major ass!!