Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Hot Date?

Today is August 8, 2007.
Patriot's is September 8, 2007.

reality check! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
after some minor sress at this realization, i am taking some deep breaths.

am i ready?
i will be. i trust my coaches and my training. i know i have learned and training like i am suposed to be.

can i swim that long?
yes! i swam 1.5 miles last week. and will be swimming 2 miles in 2 weeks. surely i will be able to swim 1.2 miles.

can i keep my bike speed steady?
well i rode 60 miles on saturday and felt good the first 40. problem - ran out of food. note - carry more than 1 luna bar on the bike! but i am iding a hard ride with soem new people tomorrow night and this weekend is the mock bike. riding the course with the water stops and everything. this will allow to really feel out the course, make mental notes and prepare myself for what will lie ahead of me.

can i run 13.1 miles?
this is the part i am the least confident about right now. i have not run 10 miles yet! rut roh. i have missed out on 3 weeks on long distance running with my stitches. this sunday i am going to do an "easy" 16 mile run/walk. i am accepting that i will walk through the water stops and probably at other ties throughout as well. i will feel betterabout this after sunday's torture. i mean training.

so stress go away. i can do this. i wil lhave my tg's with me and with them anything is possible! bring it on!

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TriGirl 40 said...

I remember this panicky feeling quite well. You're doing the hard work - and looking super strong. You will rock Patriot and have a great time doing it!