Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 8k

So I never wrote a race report...and I am not going to. I would prefer to forget this thing ever took place. It was bad. very bad. They started thousands of runners and walkers at the same time. it was like the swim start of an ironman...but on a road. and in sneakers. my brother had me take off as fast as i could as we dodged people and ran on sidewalks and grass to try to find a clear spot. yeah that wasn't good for me. it gave me a side stitch i couldn't knock the entire time. so between dodging people...the entire time, and the hills that were like a mini san fran, it sucked. my time sucked. my energy level sucked. i left in a bad mood and my brother's advice... "you've got some work to do". yeah. thanks. well there. there's a race report. :)
but we took some good pictures!

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