Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Frustration in the pool...Surprise?

Last night was the weekly Masters class. At first it was only Snells and I in the "guppy" lane - I like it! We warmed up with a "quick" 300. hahahaha. I haven't done 300 meters straight since Naylor's Beach Olympic months ago! I finished in 6:15 - not too far off from where I left it. I led the lane for most of class which was good for the confidence since Wednesday night coach asked me to move up a lane. Yikes! I like my guppies. Those are scary shark-like swimmers. Ok maybe more like goldfish but you get my point.

Then the class turned a bit sour for me.

First we had to do this series of 25x50 (ha! get it 25 days of christmas) well our 4th set of 5x50 were to do 25 free, 25 breast. Problem - I don't know how to do breast stroke. sure I can try to fake it - but it hurts these old lady knees I already have. So JP tell me to dolphin kick - um ok. I will try. So the first 25 of breast coems and this plain SUCKS!!!! I sink. every time. About 5 attmpts in and I think I am moving backwards - no mroe leading. I go back to free and at the end I tell JP that I quit on teh breast stroke. Then after 2 moe sets, practice is cut short.

I'm a 3? Ok. Wait a minute. Everyone begins lining up behind the blocks on lanes 3, 4, and 5. Relay race. OH SHIT! And we're off. Man my lane is in the lead. and then we came in last. Yeah. I left with a feeling that I am mad I never did swim team and lerned breast stroke and that I am jsut plain slow. Usually when swimming no one can see me except the coaches. I am hidden int eh mass of other swimmers - whether it be in the pool or in a race. But now - everyone can see me swim. Exposed. for all to see me flail around and go no where. It was fun, but would have been more fun if I could actually benefit the other people on my team.



margo said...

you DID benefit the team and you DID NOT cause us to lose. you looked great out there.

Tea said...

I'm so proud of you for going through with it! It's so easy to quit something. You did great just by doing it!