Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Diet Technique

I have begun the process of getting my new tooth.

The first step is to whiten since it is a new front tooth. So last night was my first night sleeping in the trays.




I was at at 4am yanking those things out and brushing my teeth to get the gel off! Those bitches hurt! the dentist told me it would hurt and to use Sensodyne toothpaste and ACT mouthwash. So I started using those over the weekend thinkg maybe if I started early it would help. Good God! I hope I get used to this. I had to cancel my run this morning because all I want to do is pull my bottom teeth out of the gums. I swear even my dead tooth hurts! and I have 13 more days to go of this.

But. I came into work and there sitting on the break room coutner was a very yummy looking cherry danish. mmmm. tis the season. Then I thought about how much it would hurt to eat it and walked away. As I walked back to my desk I thought "Hmmm maybe this is like a new diet technique!"


TriGirl 40 said...

13 more days - does that mean no wine on Christmas?

margo said...

i busted out laughing at the "holy. shit. batman." comment. hahahaha. not funny that your teeth hurt though... sorry about that.

fave said...

no worries, i can have all the white wine i want. just nothing colored.

Tea said...

I feel your pain.
No, seriously.
I had work done the other day. To eat normally, aaaahhhhh what a concept.