Monday, December 17, 2007

Mother Nature

In my continuing bike search I add to the mix the Orbea Ora. This weekend I planned to pick up the bike for a like ride. They don't have the Ora in my size, but the 2007 Ordu which is similar frame to the 08 Ora so I gently place it in my trunk and head home SUPER excited about my weekend riding! About 5 minutes after I got home - the rain started.
Ok guess I will just ride it Sunday.
sunday morning - still raining.


It's ok I can still ride in the afternoon. And make plans for a little tour de west creek with the very pretty bike that I will never own.
the sun comes out - with the wind. Wind gusts up to 37mph.


So now it's Monday. There air is chill and brisk. The sun is out.
And I am at work. Not able to get on a bike and I have to return her today.
Total. Bummer.
Hopefully next Saturday the weather will be nicer and I can take her out for a quick trip before I head home for the holidays.

and the search continues...

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