Thursday, December 6, 2007


Sinker. that was me last night in the pool. I went to my first masters class since mid-october. Sure i have been in the pool in the interim - on monday for about 20 minutes!

Man Ironwoman extrodonnaire kicked our butts!

Class was filled with lots of speed drills, pull buoys, and fins...mine were more like duck feet. At one point coach asked if I would be interested in moving up a lane. Flatterd, but i chuickled and said "not today". It's my first day back and was totally feeling it. I was plain pooped! My 25's were in 25 seconds. My 200's - were a little over 4 mintues. Guess I need to get my butt back to class!

OH! but! I did debut the new TRIgirl swimsuit last night. So pretty. One girl even said she wanted one. Join TRIgirls and you, too, can your very own! hmmm I wonder what fun gear is next...pool towels?!

Right. Back on the topic. Masters. I am back in the ball game, folks.


SusieQ said...

I'll move up a lane if you do :)


TriGirl 40 said...

You both need to move up a lane. And you both looked great yesterday!