Monday, April 30, 2007

Fighting the Current (and the animals?)

Okay so maybe there were no animals to fight, but I sure am afraid there are! I faced a fear - open water! Dum. Dum. Dum. I defintiely did not feel the relaxation I am gaining in the pool, but I got in there...

We all met up at the boat ramp, courtesy of TG Liz. A quick "how-to" on wetsuits by Coach M. We all need our black stilettos and kitten ears with them.
Then we headed off to the ramp. Pulse racing. Hands Shaking. I kept thinking...can I vomit now?! Are snakes out yet? And if we stay close to the side - isn't that where they live? And this mud I am standing on...what kind of critters live in it? Ew. Ew. Ew. Then...time to go. I am supposed to put my face in this?!?!?!?!?! There is a group of us that are having a hard time with breathing and even putting my face in the water. 5 minutes out against the current...that's not so bad, right?! I do our signature LA combo to help with the breathing and face in water! We get back to the ramp and the current is really trying to push us back out. Standing there...panic sets in. this is the perfect opportunity for the animals to get us. I have to get out!!! I go up on the pier as everyone heads back out for another few minutes. By this time my hands are shaking and I just want to cry. Sucks! I want to do it so bad! Then comes Coach B. He talks me back into getting out there. He swims with me out and back a few times with kayaker TG Snells by our side. Every now and then a stick comes and makes me jump. I just tell myself how bad I want it and I, too, can be a badass. Think of the Naylor's finish line!

After a few times out and back, it was time to "run" (it was SUPER slippery) out while taking off the wetsuit. This part I could handle. Sigh. I did it. Not great, but I started at least. Afterwards, I felt Snells and I totally earned a dinner out - so Pilani Drive wraps!!!

Pondering what am I going to do?!

and are there creatures under my toes?!

Friday, April 27, 2007

In the words of E.T.: "Owwwwwwch"

The class I took on Monday had lingered with me all week. Not only nightmares of the poor instruction, but the constant reminder of the pain in my calf. Like the buzzing of a gnat you can't swat away. Tuesday I felt fine and went on otu to West Creek for my ride and run...not bad, but my calf started feeling sore. Cut the run off at 3 miles - not bad. Wednesday it hurt. Period. Not like a "I had a badass workout" sore, not like a cramp...but a mixture of the two. By Wednesday evening, I decided to make to sad decision to listen to my body and take the night off from the pool. Thursday morning came and time for the group run. I go to stand up....Owwwwwwch. I can't put my foot down! Maybe 15 minutes of the heating pad will help. Nope. Skipped workout number 2 of the week. Argh. throughout the day every time I stand up I have to walk around on my toe before my calf muscle allows me to put my foot down! But darn it - I want to ride my 18-20. So I head back out to West Creek for my weekly ride....6 miles later....back at the car. another workout missed. Today is my night off, so let's hope by tomorrow morning I can get a run in...before Keiko's bachelorette weekend begins! That's my whining for today. Would I like some cheese to go with that? Yes please.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday Night Brick

weather: mid 80's
  • 6 mile loop - untimed
  • 6 mile loop - goal 21:00 actual 21:30
  • 3.25 mile hill run - goal 30:00 actual 33:42 (10:30 pace - eugh)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

See that? That's my tadpole tail!

Since I began the journey to becoming a triathlete I have feared the water. dum. dum. dum. I have never swam a lap in my life. And I am afraid of open water (which I am determined to conquer). I took Som's TI class in febraury and felt a world of difference - just knowing proper technique and the basics. And he told me that I would be able to 300 in 7 minutes! Seriously?! I have gone to a few of the swim practices in the past 2 months and even made it to the pool with TG DL. I had built my way up to swimming 100m but was still very nervous about being at the pool! I was just intimidated in general.

Recently, my good friend and now TG, Snells has come to the pool with me. She told me I could swim 150...and I did. She told me I could swim 200...and I did! Over the weekend she worked her way up to 500m. sigh. one day, I told myself, One day. then on sunday I graduated a lane in class!!! But i looked at the list...300m straight after doing how many other laps - oh boy! can I do this? I have to. So i got into my zone and went for it...and it felt great!!! (minus the 6:00 swimmers in the 5:00 class - I admit that was annoying ). *note by annoying I am referring to the frustration when we/I am trying to improve and am being passed mid lane and not at the end. i know this happens at races...but this is a team practice, not a race. so...the speed difference was frustrating.

So last night after bodyshaping torture, I mean class, Snells and I headed to the pool for a dip. We swam our warm up:
1 x 50 free
1 x 50 LA combo
1 x 50 fist
1 x 50 LA combo
1 x 50 fist
After these we were feeling jello arms and were feeling a little "off"
Then into our main set:
2 x 100 free
After those I felt that "now or never" inkling and knew if I was going to try for a distance was the time. We discussed and were going for a timed 600m. Yowsers!!! this was twice was I had done in the poast...and that was just the night before!! I had butterflies in my stomach but i wanted it so bad. I knew if I didn't try I would go home regretting it. So I tucked under the water and pushed off and went for it! I took my time focusing on breathing (my biggest challenge), keeping my legs straight, looking down, and just staying in my rhythm. I was feeling in the zone. After 100m I was paused for someone asking to join me in my lane but said a quick 'yeah sure' and kept going. (unfortuantely he was not cute...even under water haha). I got back into my rhythm and went with it. I couldn't stop. 600m was I stop? no. I am pushing on. new goal - 750m! 3 morelaps - I can totally do that - shoot I could do like 10 more i dare? Now that's just crazy talk. the wall is coming...I think I might have jumped half way out of the pool when I finished!!! My first 750m!!! time was 19:28. I wanted to do a little jig I was so proud of myself. One week ago I did my first 150 and with some motivation, determination, and a great friend...i pushed way further than I could have imagined.
*note - we swam a total of 1500m - 100 short of a mile - oops

I was on such a high! I felt like I could swim forever! Do I warm down already? Or do I time a 300? Eh, why not? So a timed 300m I went. I kept thinking to myself to keep my rhythm and think about my stroke but maybe speed up a bit to rech that personal goal of 6:59. I finish, hit the wall and look at the watch. Clearly my eyes must be fuzzy, I can't be reading this right. Goggles off. Rub the eyes. OMG 6:15!!!!!!!!! I walked to the locker room with so many thoughts running through my head - I couldn't wait to blog my acomplishment!!!! And then as I got ready to leave the gym I decided a new goal...5:59

As if my night could not get any better. I mean I just swam a 750 and a fast 300. Then one of my previous Little Buddies from camp called. She is 16 and we go and do fun things sometimes. Last summer I took her for her first makeover! (she lost her mom). We call each other perma-buddies as well as lots of nicknames and acronyms in everyday conversation. Well, she called. She told me about this club she is in that starts the year off with a father-daughter social and ends with a mother-daughter social. the mother-daughter social was coming up. And she asked me to with her! I was so honored that she looked up to me so much and wanted to share something so special with me! To use one of our fun sayings. "aw. tear." (in a funny voice)

What a way to start my week!!!

Bodyshaping or Football Training?

Last night I went to my weekly Monday adventure in bodyshaping class at the Y. this class does an overall toning. works you to the core, but enjoyable. Last night, however, was not enjoyable. I think it was the instructor's first class - at least that is what I am telling myself sinee she was...well, she stunk! We started with a warm up? I think. It was so fast I might have missed it. A few step touches - which always make me want to laugh for soem reason. I feel very "1987 bad workout video-ish" when I do them. We went into arms. Then we did arms. And moved over to arms. Yes - 40 minutes of arms - and mainly shoulders. I wanted to tell her that I was going for the Michael Vick look. She would start the next set without giving us warning so it took half the set to get going. I think we might have done abs and legs, but I don't recollect. The best part was the music with me, margo, claire, and jenn dancing around while doing abs. Oh! we did do abs...because we danced during it. haha. The instructor didn't have much personality so I believe we entertained a few of the other fellow shapers. Fianlly the class was over. no one clapped at the end. It was obvious that no one enjoyed her class. Overall it was too focused on arms and went so fast it was hard to keep up. There was too little stretching. Such is life. Next week has to better! haha.

Training Recap

After the events of last week, I couldn't find the focus to write about my training. so - here's a recap...
  • bodyshaping class
  • swam with TG Snells - completed my first 150m straight!!!


  • rode 12 miles
  • ran 4.25 miles- brick - felt great!!!


  • quick 30 minute swim before the clinic
  • had clinic - wond the "door prize" fitness assessment with Coach M! fat test and vo2...interesting.


  • hit the treadmill in Milwaukee. for such a nice hotel their treadmills stunk. i ran for 30 minutes before the heat of the room was so bad I thought I better get off before passing out!


  • rode 18 miles which felt good. although my hip is still bothering me.
  • ran 2 miles - wanted to go further but once again was missing the port-a-potty along the route.
  • I could tell that my energy was low since I got home from the airport at 1am - eugh.


  • swam 1 mile of drills with the team - "graduated" a lane
  • swam my first 300m straight!!
  • was advised by fellow TG to straighten legs and look down. but it is SO hard ot look down becuase we are so tight. ho hum.

Well - that's a wrap.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I think we all are forever touched by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It warms me, though, to see all the colleges taking down the "enemy lines" and really showing support. This has touched the hearts of the world. I don't think we will ever understand why this happened and what good can come out of this, but can only hope that all parties involved can find solace and peace of mind. No one should ever have to see and experience the things that people did. May they be able to move forward in life taking this as a source for them to grow from and turn this awful tragedy into a postive impact on another life. We have to remind ourselves that everything does happen for a reason and it was these people's times to leave us for whatever reason that may be.
"Time may not heal all wounds. Instead, time allows those wounds to transform who we are into who we will become"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Team TRIgirl

As I have pursued this journey to becoming a dedicated my triathlete, I have had some great support from my friends. They ask questions and sometimes I can even get them work out with me! TG style! Recently one of my best gal pals has been my training buddy. As of today...she is a TRIgirl!!!!!! I want to welcome TG Margo to the team and I know she is going to love the support and commraderie found in the TG family!

Melissa and Margo hitting the slopes at Wintergreen

Check it out:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend in Review

After a much needed restful Friday I was ready to take the rain and havea good brick workout with the girls. We all met up and took our photo for our Not With These Hands Pledge of non violence.

TRIgirls banner pledge of non-violence

Blake gave us a very informative flat chaning clinic. I was having flashback of my first outing with Diane and Annnn...whatever happened to that cute guy?! He needs to change my tube again. But, I did learn how to change one on my own. Let's just cross of fingers that any flats I have are during training! I changed my tire (not really a flat just let the air out for practice). then I headed out for a ride. My legs were feeling it - ugh. And my chain was just skipping all around. It started doign this a few weeks ago and the day of the duathlon it was all over the place.

I needed to get my biked adjusted, so I skipped the run and headed onto my friends at Conte's for a fixer upper. That was almsot an adventure in itself. As I waited for the mechanic, the guy that sold me my bike was the only one there so we chatted for awhile. I told him of my amazing team mates and adventures in training sicne I purchased the silver bullet. He rememberd that I had a guy with me when purchasing my bike and asked about him...calls him "the athlete" I was with. After he told me that i looked good I felt it best not for him to know that I am single and let him continue calling him "the athlete". Finally Marty the Mechanic showed up and fixed my chain. I asked him to also look at the clip on my right shoe because i was having a hard time with that one just really having to push to clip in. After looking a tboth my shoes he finds the problem. It is nto me being clueless..."the athlete" put my clips on teh wrong shoes!!! As they laughed at why an athlete is not a mechanic he fixed my shoes and was impressed I could clip in at all. Thanks! As he did this he also decided to loko at my computer. Puzzled, he asked if they installed it. i told him no the athlete did. Yeah - it was rubbing on ym tire this whole time and I rubbed the pick up off so they ordered me a new wire kit and they will isntall it for me. Once again this gave them a good chuckle. But now that my bike is tuned up and ready to go...I am ready for tusday's ride (wind pending).
After getting my bike fixed, two of my friends were heading to the pool. so...I went for a dip. it was much needed as it had been a few weeks sicne I have gone swimming. And i could feel that although my endurance is better than in February...I have a ways to go and am reminded that i need to put the time in for results.
So now that I have gone for a ride and a swim, I leave the gym and the sun is finally out. I think I need to go for a run. SoI call my BFF, missy 1, and we head off to Belle Isle for a few loops. Felt so good to be we decided the perfect way to end a good day of working out (she had already belle isle that morning, too) so we sat on her balcony overlooking downtown with a bottle red. That's what I call a good day.
sunday is another story. unfortuantely due to some debauchery with my college pals in Fredricksburg Saturday night, I did not make it to working out sunday. The bed was calling my name.

Here's to a good week of continuing progress. one more month to go!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring-ing Into Action

After last weekend freak snow, the weather this week has been spring-like. Ya know, cold in the morning and comfy in the afternoon. I would like for it to be pool weather, patience is supposed to be a virtue. It shall be here soon enough.
With these warm afternoons I have enjoyed my tuesday and thursday adventures at West Creek this week. Although tuesday was a little chilly, I rode 2 6 mile loops and then went to run. Not knowing the mile markers around, I jsut hit start on my watch and ran. I ran to the close end and back thinking this must be 3 miles. Well, I really need to learn to look at my watch. I got back to my car...12 minutes! uhhh...not so much a 3 mile run. Oh well. next time I will do and be better prepared.

After missing the morning run...yes I raced in snow but skipped running in ran, I returned to my new favorite place, West Creek, and headed off for another 12 mile ride. My goal is to do the distance in 42 minutes! I have about 6 weeks to do so...definitely need to build up my gluts. That's not too lofty is it? I had to get my Thursday run on so this time after my ride I actually used my watch and decided I would run 15 minutes out and 15 mintues back. I began my jog (3 bricks in one week i must be crazy). I went about 5 minutes out and realized how much I would love for a port-a-jon to be sitting on the side of the road. Kept telling myself to jsu tnot think about it and just finish the run and all will be good. I got 13 minutes out - ok this is awful - I have got to turn around. Why did I drink so much water?! I turn around a little disappointed questioning did i drink too much water and why am i so thirsty! I get back to the car - 27 minutes. Not a negative split like we were supposed to do...13 out, 14 back. I will blame my bladder on this one! (I have to have a scapegoat). I will drive the route to see what my distance was ....2.9 miles! What?! Have I picked up some speed. I mean I know my run last saturday in the duathon was faster, but that was race pace...this is a brick workout.

Now I am excited about my time and forget how bad I wanted that bathroom! I call my running mate, TG Aimee, and we discuss or goals. She and I are at the same pace now (10:00 tempo) and WILL be a 9:30 tempo pace by the end of the season.

I actually look forward to Saturday morning's brick. I hope to improve on my bike time (I really need to read the directions to the computer) and have a further run in there. Then sunday we are doing a 4 mile run before our gait clinic...Aimee and I will do this run in 38 minutes!

Cheers to a weekend of pushing myself further! See you girls soon!

Monday, April 9, 2007

A snowy day in april

Saturday morning. 6:00am. the alarm goes off. As I turn off the alarm, I take a deep is the 3sports duathlon. My first multi-sport race. I get up and open the's snowing! I crawl back in bed. Surely I really did not just see snow falling from the sky. It's April. It's race day! I make a few calls to my mom and fellow TG Aimee. Am I really going to do this? Yes. I am. I have been training for this day. I can take the snow. It's just snow, right?

I get dressed and a bite to eat and load my bike on the back on my car and I'm off. As I am driving to the race site I am thinking about the people passing me on the road...yes I am about to go ride my bike in the snow. they must think I'm crazy. Heck I am about to race in the snow so I must be crazy after all, right?!

I arrive at West Creek and park my car. I look around. I all of a sudden feel very small. All these athletes. I call my brother to see if he can get his butt there pronto and be with me while I get ready and wait for time to start. He prefers to stay in bed. So I watch others that have done this before and see what they are doing to prepare. Finally I get out of the car, pump up my tires, and trek off to the transition area to get set up. As soon as I am walking in I see TG's Mary and Annnnn. I breathe a sigh of relief - someone I know! They are off to aid station #2 and I continue to the bike area. Right away fellow TG Kathleen is there and helps me set my bike up. As I am pulling my shoes out and setting it up, TG Steph is there. And alas - she has cycling gloves!! so she kindly lets me borrow those instead of my ski gloves! I wonder around talking with friends and my family shows up. Then...time to line up. Gulp.

I line up with the other participants who also are braving the conditions. By now the snow has stopped falling, but darn it's cold out here. The whistle goes and we're off. I pass water station feather boas and tiaras!!! I get a boost of support and push on. I reach mile marker number 1 and look at my watch 8:00 even. Really?! My fastest mile ever! I slow down just a must be the excitement, I don't want to lose my energy in the first leg of the race. I come back by my pink water station - that burst of oomph!

yikes...time for my very first transition station. shoes? check. helmet? check. well. sounds good. i'm off. I run to the mount line...JRo and Adam....clipping in wasn't so smooth, but I was off. I pedal on through lap one. legs are feeling a little...sticky. I think about my brick training sessions and know I can get through this. As I finish lap one I actually am passing someone!!! (who later gets on my nerves and I finally lose him...please remember to bike on the right. pass on the left. and when I am passing you do not stand up and try to go faster because I will stand up and still pass you, buddy.) Lap one done and I realize I haven't looked at my watch since mile marker 1 on the run. Boo. I look down for what time I am starting lap 2. Lap 2 goes smoothly. Legs are getting i the groove. And I pass my family and hear them yelling "332"...our cheers from friday nights silliness. I pass the running water station and can hear the girls yelling over to me. Such a good feeling. I wave. Lap 3, however...let's discuss headwind while going up ginormous hill in the cold. Not fun. I think to myself - that was stinky, but it's done and only one lap to go. Same big hill awaits. I begin my ascent. Headwind? really? I thought it was going to bring me to a stop. At least I am done with the bike. Back into transition station. Dismount...once again not so smooth.

I change back into my sneaks and go to exit for my run. I hear my brother yelling "helmet! helmet!" oh right...helmet off, visor on. Check. Man, now my legs really are feeling like bricks. I take my time and begin the last leg of the race. Run #2. I jog down the hill and off on the course. I pass my ladies again. Loving them! hills. ugh. hills. Finally - the turnaround point. then that darn wind again...whoosh there goes the visor. *expletive* a few steps back to pick it up. the last part of the race. I can totally do this. Thinking of Grandison telling me negative split. I am trying to convince my legs that they are almost done and just give me a little push then they can rest. I pass my room mate!!! yay!!! for the final run part she drives in the lane next to me telling me stories as I push on to run. making me smile.

I see it. there, over the last hill. the finish line. I can't help but smile. YAY!!!!!! My mom gives me a huge hug and I finished my first multi-sport race. The journey has really begun now.

Run 1- 25:57
T1- 1:21
Bike- 1:19:38
T2- 1:30
Run 2- 30:26
Total- 2:18:51

Blowing a kiss as I finish the race
Thank you to everyone for training with me and pushing me on through.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Whirlwind or a Weekend

I think I have finally recovered from a whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night we had a bike fitting clinic at Maramarc filled with all kinds of useful tips and hints for making sure your pedal stroke is on key as well as your bike fitted properly. Afterwards the girls all went out for carbo loading...I headed home for laundry, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, and carbo loading, too.
TRIgirl group pre-race
Saturday i woke up and took a look at my outfit all laid out, took a deep breath and got ready. I was eager to pick up Jonah find our parking space and take a deep breath. Under control. It was nice to have company in the pre race drive. I always get nervous. We met up with everyone and took our group shot...picture not tequila, although I could have used the tequila! (picture to be posted later) I met up with Aimee and we were off. Determined to cross together. Determined to cross before 59:59. After almost losing each other at water stop one we were on our way. Good pace. wait - side stitch. side stitch. seriously?! a side stitch?! dang it! after a finsih line sprint...and losign each other - I finish at 1:01:40. 90 seconds slow, but a new PR. argh. i will beat an hour. i will.
TRIgirl group post-race
After the 10k i had a champagne toast witht he TG's and then headed off to begin primping...mani/pedi! were in order....then nap. Off to the Comfort Zone Camp gala. A fabulous time as always. Over 900 people were there along with guest Elliot Yamin. Lots of fun auction items and some of my favorite friends to share the night with.

Jay and Melissa at the CZC Gala

Sunday required no working out and resting in the sofa. all in a weekend's work.

next: 3 sports duathlon. 4 days. gulp.