Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change of Plans

First of all, if you are not wearing green i am sending you a virtual *pinch pinch*

I started out training with a goal...
To break 2 hours in a half marathon.
I have had some hurdles along the way with still having shin issues and adding in some foot issues.
But I know what I want, and I know wanting it is half the battle.

Unfortunately, my Grandma is not feeling well.
So this weekend, without any hesitation I am foregoing the Shamrock Half Marathon and am going to drive north to spend some time with my Grandma - I love that cute little Italian lady.
I can't wait to snuggle with her - nothing matters when Grandma holds you tight.

I wish my team mates the best of luck this weekend. I will be thinking of them along the way.
And request in my honor that 2 particular people break 2 hours in my honor since I cannot be there. (no pressure) Arriba! Arriba!


Rich & Margo said...

good for you! that's the right decision and that always feels best.

Real Deal said...

Very admirable Melissa! There'll always be another race.

kayrob said...

Aw, squeeze your Grandma for me. I'm sorry she isn't feeling well. There will be plenty of other races for you to run; you're making a difference in another way this weekend! Miss you!

tri-ing races not cases said...

we'll be thinking of you this weekend (and your Grandma).