Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Sorry, what did you say?

Monday 03/09
sniffle sniffle sniffle
I realize I slept with my window open. Allergies.

Tuesday 03/10
"my ear sure does hurt from all this sinus pressure.
I hope my Claritin-D kicks in soon. "

Wednesday 03/11
"wah wah wah. I would like some cheese with my whine"
*insert mass amount of snot*

Thursday 03/12
"Maybe if I sit here with my head sideways, gravity will release the pressure so I can hear again.
*insert honking sound of nose blowing*
I tell IronGreg that this has made me retain water.
He lets me know, that no I am not retaining water, but I am probably retaining snot!
Thanks, babe.

thursday night
Patient First straight from work.
ear infection. (I blame Baby David een though they are not contaqgious, but the cute doctor did say the underlying virus is)
sinus infection

Friday 03/13
Time for Comfort Zone Camp. mmm a weekend of being outside in the lovely rain and cold with no hearing and a snot faucet for a nose.
I pick up 2 boxes of Vicks scented tissues

One week later now I have crackling started in my right ear.
Hopefully the antibiotics will soon clear it away so I can hear and breathe, and stop disgusting those around me with the nose blowing (I think it sounds like the sweet sounds of an orchestra, but no one agrees with me for some reason)
So here's to wishing for the ability to hear and breathe normal again soon!!

Rain Rain Go Away
And take my ear and sinus infections with you!

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