Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Fever

With the 9-12" of snow we received on Sunday/Monday, I take it as Mother Nature's final act, so to speak, of winter.
If seasons were a play, this snow would be the finale filled with song and dance.

Therefore, spring is right around the corner.

I am ready to ride my bike outside in the heat feeling the breeze I make hair? Okay maybe not my hair, but through the vent holes in my helmet!

I am ready to run down the street and not avoiding ice and snow along the sidewalk like it's a trail.

I am ready to furnish my new balconies with patio furniure and host cook outs with fruity drinks. and lay out with a maragarita in hand. (hmmm is there a theme?)

I am ready to grow my little herb garden on the balcony off my kitchen.

I am ready to get a TAN!

Allow me to quote the character Mary Lennox from the movie A Secret Garden, "When will it be spring?"

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