Monday, March 2, 2009

Spinderella Cut it up one time

I may or may not currently be singing Salt N Pepa in my head.

It's 7:30am on Monday and I am not getting ready for work.
Why, you may be asking.
Because I live in Richmond.
And it's SNOWING!

I have all my blinds open to look at it and just pulled out the ski clothes so I can go make a snow angel without getting wet. Hopefully IronGreg will get brave and get on the raods - he's from NJ this is nothing to him, right?!

Off to Princess out - have to keep her on a leash and maybe in a bright orange vest, too! She could get lost.

Well I'll be beack with pictures and to maybe blog about training. The little bit that I am doing.

Happy Snow Day!

1 comment:

SusieQ said...

Isn't it great??? U of R is closed - snow day for me, too!