Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet at the 'T'

This weekend is the annual Monument Ave 10k.
AKA monument mobfest.

A time when thousands of runners and walkers take over Monument Avenue.
Led by the Kenyons with veteran and new particpants throughout the field.
Spectators line the monument and tree-lined streets cheering while sipping coffee, bloodies, and mimosas.
Followed by parties, cookouts, and celebrations.

Highlights to look forward to.
One fo my BFF's, Neffaramous (the other Missy) is running this year - her first race ever!
I will NOT get sick before this year's race and ba able to participate.
IronGreg is sure to PR - he has been working awfully hard.
there will be LOTS of PINK out there!

See everyone at the 'T' afterwards.
I can't stay long, so run fast.

Here's to a week of hydrating and eating properly.


Denise W said...

I like that..."Monument Mobfest". That's why I've never run that one. I am not a fan of huge crowds. I prefer the smaller, shall we say, more intimate races? Especially the two in West Point and Urbanna...gorgeous river views.

kayrob said...

I'm jealous!!! Have fun and run safely. :)

Jennifer said...

Kick some boo-tay!!!