Monday, May 2, 2011


Does anyone else find themselves writing a blog post in their head during a workout?
I do it All. the. Time.
Unfortunately, I rarely actually post those thoughts.

my bike is not where I would like for it to be this close to IMCDA.
Last weekend I rode 80 miles on the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway) last weekend with some friends.
I was definitely one of the slower ones out there, but this was also a BIG jump in time/distance for me. I almost doubled my saddle time on a hard route.
I felt good the first 4 hours.
The 5th hour was tough.
The 6th hour was pure hell.
I actually stopped 3 times hyperventilating. It was the most bizarre thing! the negative thoughts were overwelming. I was by myself at this point and was having thoughts that any crazy mountain guy could snatch me up and no one would know. I didn't even have a cell phone on me. I thought about asking for a ride up to my car. But I would have to ask a family b/c if not then I could be asking the crazy man to kidnap me.
you can imagine my other thoughts...
Where do these come from? Obviously watching too much Lifetime!

I rode this past weekend with my girls. We rode a moderate 59 miles and it was amazing. i finally felt like i was/am getting my bike legs back. I have a century this coming weekend so we shall see if they hold up.

I read an article recently that in a pool you should have a low turnover stroke rate for speed and in open water you need a high stroke count for speed - you lose time during that glide.
Hmmm maybe this is why I am decent in a pool and SO BAD in open water?

I haven't run in a week and am feeling good. My ART treatments seem to be going well. I am hitting the elliptical tonight. wish me luck!


Matthew Smith said...

Wow! You're spending a lot of time in the saddle. Way to go. And, that totally makes sense about the whole stoke rate in different situations. I'll have to use that!

SusieQ said... did it. You did the ride in the BR despite those negative thoughts. You can do anything. :)

Ryan Castillo said...

I stepped away from my computer for a couple of weeks for the little reason of the arrival of my first child and then bam you hit me with 8 new blog posts. There goes wondering if you still blogged or not.