Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flying to LGA

This weekend we celebrated my Great-aunt-in-law's 99th birthday.
that's right 99.
And she is a tough old bird, too. But I that goes without saying considering she's 99.
She lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She comes over to visit family about twice a year. and she travels here...by herself. A few months ago she got pretty sick and we were all on pins and needles. the doctors told her no more flying to the states. she told them she would take a boat. ha!
But, she was feeling good, and so she flew. she came over for cousin Peter's high school graduation. While she was here, on May 19th - same birthday as Princess, she turned 99.
So IronGreg and I were able to fly up north to celebrate with everyone.

I got to the airport about 30 minutes before boarding. the computer screen at the gate looked funny to me. I stared at it for awhile before it really sank in....delayed about 30 minutes. We were scheduled to take off at 7:20.
As I sat in the terminal I read my july book club book (even though I haven;t read June's yet). anyways, as the time nears...the departure time moves later and later. Good thing I brought all 4 Uncrustables with me. I at them all. oink. oink.
After two hours, I find myself getting ancy - we all were. It's late. We're tired. and Delayed.
First the man to my right starts talking to himself....out loud. Watching TV on his lap top and laughing...out loud.
then the man behind me - his BO starts creeping over the back of his chair. Jeez, dude, the plane has recirculated air - please bathe before entering airport. Oh good God, please stop passing gas on top of your BO. you stink! literally. smelly kid in class.
The family to my left is so sweet. a mother, daughter, and son. they eat dinner  i think how kind they are to each other. surely it's not always like this, though. respecting their mother. the kids sharing a game of some sort. then it starts. the son's hic-cups. he is sitting 2 seats away from me. out loud. hic-cupping. I continue to read as I tell myself to remain calm. hic-cup. hic-cup. hic-cup. after 10 minutes I am losing my mind. I give him "the look". and it worked. I scared the hic-cups right out of him. sigh of relief.

I think to myself, I am sure glad I am not:
"but-i-had-tickets-to-the-yankees-mets-game-tonight" guy
"i-will-not-make-my-next-flight-so-i-have-to-spend-the-night-at-the-airport" guy.

I get all the plane and my seat partner joins me. Holy Vodka, Batman. I think this guy spent the last 2+ hours with his face buried in a bottle of alcohol. He clearly passed out during the flight. I may have gotten drunk off his fumes.

Finally I make my way to LGA and meet up with IronGreg and Dennis the driver. (IronGreg was in Montana for work all week, so we met up at LGA). We get to IronGreg's parents' house at midnight. Quickly shove some meatballs in and off to bed.

Saturday morning long run. Lovely park through northern Jersey. It was great seeing so many peopel take advantage of the nice weather to be active - whether it be jogging, biking, or walking. some alone. some with families. I accomplished a 2:15 run - roughly 14 miles. I was scheduled for 3 hours, but my legs were done after 2:15...and that's when I got back to the car and couldn't force myself to go back out for a short loop. I really wanted to get in 16 miles, but oh well. I am so not ready for the run at IMCDA. I a going to die out there. but i guess if I know this going into it, I will be mentally prepared?

The party was lovely. IronGreg (who ran a speedy 18 miles in 2:15) and I laughed that the old people might out party us. and they did. it was all we could do to stay awake during the party. I was even too tired to enjoy wine. I enjoyed some nice bubbly ginger ale instead.

Luckily, the flight home was less eventful. We had bagel sandwiches packed (IronGreg loves Bagelicious) and we got home as I finished my book and IronGreg went off for his 80 mile ride.
and so the week begins...

3 weeks, 5 days until our 1st anniversary
4 weeks, 5 days until IMCDA

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Matthew Smith said...

I hate flying next to someone that smells. I don't mean to be snobbish, but it sucks sometimes. Nice work with the workouts. Keep up the good work.