Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Secret Trick for Endurance Training

During my training for IMAZ I got sick...a lot. 
Once a month I found myself on my ass. coughing. Running nose. the works. Always a 24 hour lay-you-out-flat bug. 
IronGreg was always on my case that I wasn't taking in enough vitamins. Maybe he was right. But don't tell him that! 
In the weeks leading up to IMAZ I took an Airborne every day. It was glorious. 

This time I know my body doesn't like being treated this way. So I am taking a multi-vitamin every day, along with calcium, and my thyroid medicine. you would think I was 80. The calcium pills from my doc are horse pills! and I am supposed to take 2 pills 3x/day!!! That doesn't always happen, but at least I take some, right?!
anyways, I am also drinking either an Airborne and an Emergen-C with dinner a few times a week. 

so there you have it - my secret health trick for endurance training...multi vitamins and Airborne/emergen-c. 

Healthy Training to you!! 


Matthew Smith said...

You've inspired me to get some multi-vitamins! Those have to be good for you! Good luck with staying healthy.

Ryan Castillo said...

So I have a confession. I started using one of those daily pill containers a couple months ago. It makes me feel like an old man but at least I hardly ever forget taking my vitamins.

Dennis Hilario said...

I just started taking multi vitamins and i think it really works