Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I training for the marathon of Ironman on the elliptical and treadmill I am spending some quality time with my pink iPod shuffle. I bought this from Target the NIGHT before I flew out to San Fran for my first marathon (nike Women's in 07). I couldn't get my iPod to work and the idea of running a marathon without tunes seemed so daunting. Best spur buy ever.
anyways, I definitely need to update the playlist. So as I jam out in my car to Black and Yellow and other current ditties that will never go down in history, I find myself creating an IRONMAN CDA playlist.
tonight. I am taking on that task. well at least starting it.
What are some of your FAVEorite workout tunes??


Joette said...

Well...since I haven't worked out in a long time, I guess I don't have a favorite one. BUT I think it would be fun to run to Pink's "Raise your Glass." And Will.I.Am's "I Got it from my Momma."

tink said...

I only usually use my shuffle when I need some motivation or during a long solo run like a marathon, however everytime I find a song that inspires me I plug it in and update it asap so its just waiting for me when I really need it.
Good luck on putting together your own play list, I know it can be time consuming...