Wednesday, May 18, 2011


this morning I could barely make it out of bed for a 7am swim.
I am supposed to go to the 6am class, but that one was definitely out of the question.

then I had an ART treatment. He walked in the room and told me I looked tired. (a compliment every girl loves to hear haha)

Then the kicker. tonight. I missed my favorite bike ride of the week.
I finished my work day around 4, so I turned on my soap (DVR) and the next thing I know it was 2 hours later and 10 minutes until wheels down. (and, man, was my ear laying funny)
I was in a dress. (not appropriate cycling attire.)
and 30 minutes away from the meeting location.

Hello Peak Ironman Training. We meet again.
Well, it's almost 9. time for bed.

side note: planning my post-Ironman wine road trip is well underway!

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Matthew Smith said...

Bummer on missing the ride, and especially missing your favorite one. Maybe next time. Get some rest there, buddy! :)