Friday, May 13, 2011


IronGreg and I (and lots of my training friends) are doing a half ironman tomorrow.
We are leaving in a few hours.
I haven't started packing yet.
I did swim in the lake and drive the bike course this morning. I also got lost driving the bike course. And then it rained. Am I ready for this?! I haven't done a HIM in almost 2 years. I feel so...removed.

I used to precisely count all my calories. Now I just dump calories into a bottle and fill it with water, grab a bag of Gu chomps and call it a day.

I used to pack a week at least ahead of time. I have my tri kit pulled out. and my bike shoes and helmet are nearby. But that's it.

either a.) could I be getting used to distance?
or b.) just in complete denial that I am about to go long and hard when nutrition and endurance really matter?
you chose b.) Denial?
Yup. me too.

Rev3 is also going on this weekend. I wish lots of luck to my girls heading to TN for that event.

It is kind of neat that after this is Ironman. and then I would have done the 4 distances in 3 months.

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Matthew Smith said...

Denial or not, you're gonna do awesome! Actually, you're probably out doing you HIM right now! Good luck.