Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This morning I had a session with my new personal trainer, Jillian. No that is not her real name, but I am a fan of the Biggest Loser (although I wish they went b body fat % loss and not weight loss). Anyways, that's for another post.
Back to Jillian.
this morning I was tired.
I had a long workout Saturday. Another long day on Sunday. And some kick ass bike intervals on Monday night.
I didn't sleep well last night I think partly due to restless legs from them being worked so hard. Luckily, this morning we worked on core...or my lack thereof. Afterwards instead of stretching she taught me the easiest thing to do to flush out your legs.
If I were good at quickly uploading pictures I would give you a photo step=by-step directions.
1. lay on your back in front of a wall.
2. swing your legs up so the backs of your legs are on the wall - your butt should be on the floor up against the wall.
3. just relax.
yup. that's it.
there are some additions you can do to stretch your glutes, hammies, and hip flexors...but I think those would require photos to explain.
Thank you, jillian, for teaching me how to flush out my weary legs.

in other news, I think I am ready to start picking out outfits for my post-Ironman wine tour. I wonder what the weather will be like...

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Ryan Castillo said...

Yeah, "Jillian" is a beast. She's got me going to strength class at a regular basis again. Funny what you said about the legs. I think I have a lot of restless sleeps because of that same issue.